Green Cleaning Webinar

Green Cleaning Webinar

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~Keep harmful toxins out & use even more effective and healthful alternatives~

As you know, wellness is holistic, meaning that the spirit, mind, and body are all important for your awakening.

That’s why this webinar was created for YOU~ to support you body and home.

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What we’ll cover in this special event...

~Be empowered & reclaim your health & your home with this knowledge~

  • Make a healthful home

    • Did you know more than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced since World World II? And that the Environmental Working Group stated chemicals band in other countries are in common household cleaners; even one's with "green" labels? Did you also know that research demonstrates that there're completely natural solutions that are even more effective?

  • Prevent illnesses & support your wellbeing

    • You can start implementing the information within this webinar right away. Be the gatekeeper of your home. Have greater peace of mind knowing you're making more healthful lifestyle choices and being proactive by possibly preventing illnesses correlated with those chemicals. What greater gift can you give you and your family?

  • Enjoy easy, effective & cost efficient DIY solutions

    • You likely already have some cleaning supplies in your home! I'll share with you six Do It Yourself cleaners. And guess what? You're likely going to spend less! 

  • BONUS!!! The Clean Haven Challenge (valued at $19.99)

    • 'Cause we all need a lil' push and direction to make positive changes from time to time. During the webinar download this handout, which leads you through an easy method for swapping out the chemicals with better alternatives. 

So, are you ready for a greener, healthier, and happier lifestyle?