Attract More Clients Webinar

Attract More Clients Webinar

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Are you a healing practitioner who wants to attract more clients, build your practice, and help people while financially supporting yourself?

Being a healer can be difficult and Dr. Shayn Smith and I truly believe the world needs more quality healers, like yourself, and so we want to help you over come the number one barrier.

You guessed it!


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What we’ll cover in this event...

~because the world needs your healing now~

  • Overcome the impostor syndrome, fears & other internal gremlins 
    whether you're an aspiring or established healing arts practitioner, we all could benefit from stepping over these blocks. But how? YOU'LL LEARN TWO RESEARCHED BASED METHODS. 

  • Achieve your next level of professional success
    by learning how to transform fear (not fighting or run away from it), could you imagine what potentials could open up for you, your family, and your clients? What would you do if you couldn't fail? 

  • Gain genuine confidence 
    we sometimes see inadequacy wrapped in a false egotistical show of "confidence;" yet this isn't real confidence. Real confidence comes from aligning ourselves with our selves and our real gifts. In this event you'll be inspired to be your true self and to follow your life purpose. 

  • Find deep fulfillment, meaning, and life purpose
    it's likely you're here because you already know on some level your life purpose is to be a healer. When you transform fear you are more able to unlock that potential; thus, resulting in more fulfillment. STOP WORKING DEAD END JOBS. 

  • Be your best version, make a difference & be abundant
    can you imagine helping others while doing what you love and being abundant? I don't think there is anything better! 

  • Complimentary Practice Assessment (valued at $19.99)
    during the webinar, download your free copy of a handout which will aid you in assessing the growth of your private practice. Do you have a trademark name? Are you filing your taxes correctly? Etc. This handout will help you better know what you may need to focus on while starting or building your practice. Worth more than the value! 

So, are you ready to grow your practice?