Total Soul-Body Cleanse

~ Louisville, Colorado~

Do you need a Total Soul-Body Cleanse?

It's generally recommended that every season you do one.

So what is it?

A Total Soul-Body Cleanse blends several powerful techniques and technologies, such as:



with superior, therapeutic Young Living essential oils.

These world leading oils penetrate through the skin and travel through the blood-brain barrier to enter your whole body! As a result they power-flush and revitalize your cells and organs, and much more.  


Energy Work 

  • the ancient art of Reiki,

  • intention and prayer,

  • laying on of the stones,

  • acupressure, meridian work, and foot reflexology, 

  • chakra and aura clearing and balancing,

  • energetic protection,

  • etheric cord cutting and removal of stagnant energy, 

  • somatic releases,

  • pendulum, muscle testing, and applied kinesiology,

  • invoking of spirit guides and angels,

  • shamanic healing,

  • 528 hz harmonizing tones,

  • and more.   


What Are The Benefits of a Total Soul-Body Cleanse?

As stated, this process:  

  • power-flushes your cells and organs to remove toxins, heavy metals, and stagnant energies,

  • activates your nervous and immune systems,

  • promotes feeling alive and alert, and moods of peace and happiness, 

  • gives your bio-energy field a beaming glow,

  • helps your body and your inner Divine intelligence help it's self,

  • aids in rest and relaxation,

  • rejuvenates and refreshes the cells, organs, and bio-energy field,

  • promotes your ability to attract goodness (of all types) into your life,

  • supports pain management and relief, and 

  • can move karmic or outdated personal patterns.


What Will Your Total Soul-Body Cleanse Package Include?


A package includes four sessions, that are 75 minutes each. It's best to do a session a week to complete the cleanse.

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Here's What Others are Saying:

I was very fortunate to experience a new healing modality offered by Kari. It is called Total Soul Body Cleanse and indeed I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards! The process involves the application of powerful essential oils along with refreshing Reiki energy. Kari carefully and compassionately offers this deliciously healthy cocktail which will send you back into the world with a renewed sense of optimism and ease. I highly recommend it!
— Shayn Smith, PhD, Energy Healer/Astrologer

A Bit About Me, Your Healer


After earning my Master's in Mental Health Counseling, I was in a near death care accident which re-confirmed my passion and dedication to helping people in more holistic and esoteric ways. I worked as a medical intuitive at a Naturopathic office, fervently studied natural and energy medicine, and attained my certifications as a Reiki Master Therapist/Teacher (which is an ancient energy healing modality) and as an Angel Intuitive Practitioner. Over the years I have had the great honor of blending counseling with energy medicine, prayer, working with spirit guides and angels, and hyper-dimensional / shamanic healing. It is not only an honor, but a mission.  


Money Back Guarantee 


Your peace of mind is important! Thus, if you have't worked with me yet, after you purchase the package, you can set up a free 15 minute phone consultation. Following the consultation (and at at least 24 hours before any scheduled sessions), if either of us don't think it would be a good fit--for whatever reason--I will refund your money.


HURRY, the Opportunity for a Spring Soul-Body Cleanse is Running Out!