Forgiveness Prayer & Meditation

Forgiveness Prayer & Meditation


Feel guided and supported through your forgiveness work with yourself and others with my supernaturally boosted prayer & meditation!

Spring in particular is a powerful time for cleansing and preparing ourselves for the Light.

With this spiritual transition in the air, it’ll be important to stay aligned, cleansed and openhearted~ to learn from and then heal and let go of the old; to be a pure vessel for Love and Light.

Past pains and hurts can fester and prevent us from receiving the Light and it’s infinite graces. When we forgive ourselves, others and past situations, we are saying, “I no longer give this power over me. I’m empowered and choose Light and Love.”

This meditation will help you do just that!

Be liberated.

Be open to the coming of the Light.

My guided prayer and meditation will help you to cleanse and restore. It will activate your soul.

Together we will call upon God and God’s loving angels to surround you, any situations and people that may need forgiveness and healing through all time, space, lifetimes, and dimensions.

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