Kari Halvorson is talented at being able to assist others in their quest to be their best selves. Her care and desire to help others is heartfelt, and she meets this challenge with wisdom, commitment and enthusiasm.”
— Dr. Tau Braun (Clinical Psychologist, Violence Prevention Specialist)
I just wanted to thank you for the reading today. It was very helpful and spot on. Fyi I recommended you to someone today . So hopefully they will be in touch. I will soon. Thank you.
— ST
Your guidance and insight when we did our brief session today amazed me. As I said, I’d never had a session that resonated with me except journeying, but this was exceptional in the clarity and accuracy of what you said. Thank you for today. I will certainly recommend you to others.
— L.N.
If you are looking for a healing experience that is beyond what you may expect from a skilled and modern shawoman, you should treat yourself to a session with Kari. My guess is that you’ll want to do more than one!
Kari’s work changed my life!!! I’m so thankful.
It’s a blessing being supported at all times, in all states.
I can’t explain it, but I walked out feeling peaceful and content. Thank you so much!
The most helpful part about the individual sessions was the Chi and suggestions/responses Kari gave.
I was amazed with your practice. I was in shock when you asked me how I felt, were spot on, and then told me you weren’t touching my leg when I could feel the energy. Such an incredible practice.
— P.G.
Kari’s peaceful, quiet, and kind way of dealing with each of us equaled safe!
— N.R.
Th Mindfulness course helped me deal with my weaknesses.
— R.T.
The Mindfulness course helped increase my understanding of myself.
— M.S.
I became more mindful as a result of the group Mindfulness course.
— V.B.
It was fun!
— C.E.
The Mindfulness Course experience had some effect on my ability to cope with stress and find greater peace in my everyday life.
— M.O.
Thanks for all of your ideas and caring (Kar.e =car “e” care!), which is part of the proper pronunciation of your name.
— F.G.
In the Mindfulness Course Kari really listened to each person and drew them out with questions. Great class!
— C.W.