INdividual sessions

In Our sessions you and I will pray and meditate together to make conscious contact with Mother, Father God (or Universal Life Force Energy). This creates avenues for detailed, accurate and important information that is in your best and highest good. You can ask any questions; such as about your: health, relationships, career, life choices, mission, etc. We will ask the angels to perform soul healings and invite God's Light to balance your relationship patterns, outdated emotional issues, and much more. I actively read your energy anatomy (or aura and higher self), communicate with your loving spirit guides and angels, and have visions that I share with you. Together we will process to help you feel into your answers for yourself to create an empowered experience. At times we may muscle test and draw from blessed oracle and tarot cards, and Do body focusing and reiki. This is your sacred holding space to be supported in your awakening journey!


Oracle Cards

Most of the time I "scan in;" however, at times I pray over and intend that Source bless the decks and guide me to pick the cards that are in your best and highest good. This can provide even more specific, detailed, and loving guidance and support for your specific questions. 

Kari, Thank you with all my heart! I appreciate the freedom you have brought me.... and rest from my worry for so many years.... decades. You are precious to me. I look forward to being able to discuss other topics.... soon!
— RC, Boulder, CO


Reiki, pronounced (RAY-KEE) is therapeutic touch that safely uses the Source's vibrant life force ("Ki" or "Chi"), to complement healthcare in holistically balancing people's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. It may promote your body's natural healing abilities, and senses of wholeness and peace. Crystals, sage and essential oils may also be used. Can be used in conjunction with intuitive work and over the phone.

Kari is a true visionary and healer. She is connected to realms beyond what we typically experience. Any time with Kari is a true gift.
— Lisa R., Boulder, CO

Processing & Support

Life can be challenging. Especially when you have decided to nurture your intuitive, spiritual, or energetic qualities, as the world isn't always understanding. I hold for you a safe, supportive, and confidential space for your to navigate your personal awakening journey and to empower you to be your own agent of change. 

Intention & Prayer

We hold tremendous power. My work invites you to be an active co-manifestor of your life--to access your highest potential and to receive spiritual guidance for your own inner knowing and from your loving Divine "team" of spirit guides and angels. To me, prayer is the most incredible and transformative tool we have--to actively and consciously connect with God or the Universe. 

If you are a potentially new client, you may book a free 15 minute, phone consultation to see if individual sessions is a right fit for you. To book go to In the note section please state it's a free consultation for individual sessions. 

Please note that all packages are solely for the purchaser. I look forward to working with you on your Soul Healing Journey! All my love and blessings. 

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