One On One Sessions. With a Master’s in Counseling and being a Reiki Master and intuitive, Kari blends research-based technologies with esoteric methods. She is gifted at transmitting life force and seeing into multidimensions. This could be to: increase intuition; clear auras, cords, energy blocks, and chakras; investigate karma; connect with spirits; explore soul essence; facilitate integration; reduce pain; understand karma, soul agreements and physical somatization of emotions; and balance the physical body. Life force knows no boundaries and enriches the mind, body, and spirit. Kari works with people, of all ages, who desire to uncover the spiritual core of their issues and strengths. Empowering beings to connect with their internal healing abilities and wisdom, soul, Mother Earth, and the Universe is Kari’s passion. She also works with children, infants and animals. For a limited time, initial sessions are discounted to $20/hr. Schedule now by calling Kari at 503-475-5759 or by going to the booking page. Sessions can be either in person or over the phone. 

I’m 65 years old and am picky about who I let work on me. I can’t believe such talent comes through such a young professional. I’ve refereed over 10 people to Kari.
— EM
If you are looking for a healing experience that is beyond what you may expect from a skilled and modern shawoman, you should treat yourself to a session with Kari. My guess is that you’ll want to do more than one!
— CA
I’ve never had anyone talk to my spirit guides for as long and with as much detail as Kari did. She was so perceptive. She knew things she couldn’t have known. I completely trusted her.
— MD
Working with Kari is a powerful and empowering experience on many levels. She applies a constructive and intuitive approach to counseling one while being a healing agent with the physical and energetic movement of both subtle and persisting energy blockages. I have been so gifted by the assistance Kari has provided to me in her lovingly gentle work.
— CA
Kari opened my eyes to me. She has helped me to trust myself.
— TC
My life change for the better. Although, I wasn’t expecting everything to switch up so fast. I changed my job, made new friends, and feel like I am who I was meant to be and forgot who I was. This work needs a warning sign on it. Only do if you want to change for the better. You better really want it.
— VE
I was a professional athlete when my career traumatically came to an end when I broke my back. For over ten years I’ve been in chronic pain and have seen every kind of health care professional you can imagine. It wasn’t until I met Kari that I begin to get relief for the first time! I’m getting my life back. This really works!
— JS