Prayer & Energy Healings

Prayer & Energy Healings

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Do you have something you want us to pray for? To send good energy towards?

You already likely know about the power of pray!

Pray connects us with Spirit—It’s giving over our situations to a Higher Power.

Additionally, this offering blends prayer with energy healing….

What is an Energy Healing?

As Albert Einstein famously said, "everything is energy." Energy healings works with the Universal energy field or Holy Spirit, and your bio-energetic field to harmonize your mind, body, spirit, situations, and more. The healings blend intention, energy work / Reiki or Christ Light, prayer, and asking God to send HIS/HER angels to intercede on your behalf.

Your essence's infinite intelligence then decides how it wants to use and distribute that energy or blessing.

It is safe, non-denominational, and effective.  

How Can Remote Energy Healings Benefit You? 

  • As stated energy healing works on all levels: mind, body, emotions, and spirit; therefore, the benefits are endless

  • Can help you feel more centered, aligned, and energized

  • Can help you better able to cope with day to day stressors

  • Helps you help yourself 

  • Balances your aura, chakras, energy meridians, and all aspects of self (i.e. your soul)

  • Can increase your prosperity, co-manifesting abilities, and magic potential

  • Can trigger your body's natural healing abilities and immune system that improves health

  • Can open up your intuitive abilities, and connection with the Divine

  • Can clear static energy and activate your energy bodies

  • Can activate your awakening potential and sensitivities to energy, spirit guides / angels, and hyperdimensions

  • Can bless your finances, career, relationships, and situations

  • An affordable option for self-care and growth

  • And the benefits literally are infinite, because the Source is infinite

Because energy knows no boundaries, receiving remote prayers & healings makes it convenient for you. You don’t have to book sessions or even make time for it!

As stated, you don't have to pick a time or be in a certain place, etc. However you can follow me on Instagram to watch the LIVE Prayer & Healings Group every Monday at 9am PST, in which, once a month I’ll say your initials (for your privacy) and we will pray and send good energy to you.  

Have piece of mind, that you can receive the benefits no matter when during the month or where from we offer up the prayers and energy work. 

Do you have a friend or a loved one in need of prayers and energy healings? This can also be a great gift for them. Simply purchase a separate package (one per name) and put their initials in the checkout.

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If you are looking for a healing experience that is beyond what you may expect from a skilled and modern shawoman, you should treat yourself to some energy work with Kari. My guess is that you’ll want to do more than one!
I can’t explain it, but I felt more peaceful and energized.

While prayer & energy healings are subtle, and you may or may not directly feel it, it does work and many do feel it. Know you are being prayed for and being sent good thoughts and vibrations from a Reiki master and ordained minister each month. While you'll stay on my healing list for the duration of your original investment, if for any reason you aren't satisfied, you can request your money back at any time.