Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading

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Sometimes you may simply need an intuitive reading about a few aspects in your life, rather than a full blown counseling process that could take at least 12 sessions for lasting therapeutic change.

In these readings we’ll ask Universal life force energy or God, your loving spirit guides, and your Higher Self for detailed and specific messages that are in the best and highest good.

Frequently, I feel and get a knowing about things, and other times I have visions in my mind’s eye and/or communicate with your loving spirit guides and angels. I also pray over bless oracle cards and a pendulum to help us get even more detailed messages.

Over the years I’ve had the great honor of reading for hundreds, if not thousands of people. Many people are repeat customers and feel that they get a lot of value out of our work together. I have a certificate as an Angel Intuitive and I’m an ordained minister. Moreover, I’ve worked with divination for many years and am a natural born intuitive sensitivities have increased over the years. It’s my life purpose to be of service for you!

Your questions can be about anything!

What if you could communicate with Spirit? With your loving Spiritual team? What would you discover? How would your life change?

Find out today! I’m looking forward to reading for you; to help you in a life decision or whatever it may be!

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