Self Gratitude Meditation

Learning to trust our medicine path can be a challenging journey. Many of us experienced criticism, hurtful comments, or a general harsh environment. Moreover, we may sabotage ourselves, be fearful of being authentic, etc. We have all been there. However, we no longer have to be afraid to live our medicine path!
How we live our medicine path every day is the topic of this video. Shayn and I reveal how we daily live our medicine so that it works naturally, easily, and expansively. We also talk about the training we offer called "Living Your Medicine Path: A Professional Development Course for Healers."
This is the first video, of a four part free series on "Living your medicine path." Every one has "medicine" to help heal humanity. I believe this medicine is a gift from Source, and it is our mission to dispense. When we do so, we give other's permission to walk their medicine path as well.
Sharing the gifts from our medicine path with others is rewarding and spiritually uplifting. Isn't it a blessing to relieve stress and pain within ourselves and our family, friends, and community? Don't we want to live a happier more fulfilling life and see others do the same?