I am passionate about holistic health and have made aiding people in their wellness journey my lifelong pursuit. Throughout my life I have enthusiastically studied “spiritual health” — and actively practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, energy medicine, Reiki, Kundalini awakenings, Qi-gong, Shamanism, and prayer.

I have also studied mental health issues and world religions. I am intuitive, empathic, and able to sense energy systems, and at times work with loving spirit guides and angels. These talents have increased over the years, and I have come to believe even more heartily love is the ultimate answer to freedom, healing, and personal growth.

At Montana State University’s (MSU) I actively participated in the rigorous graduate counseling program, where I interned at the Counseling and Psychological Services at MSU. There I acquired many direct clinical hours, conducted intakes, maintained notes and paper work, explored my counter-transference, received training on and conducted crisis evaluations, facilitated Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Groups, and consulted with a large multi-disciplinary treatment team.

After graduate school I wanted to provide people with more holistic support. Therefore, I embarked to branch out to learn more about energy work and became a Reiki Master Therapist and Teacher. After a near death car accident, I felt a heightened mystical connection with Source, so I launched into studying intuition at great lengths. Eventually I felt guided to offer intuitive readings, or what some may call psychic readings. In my private practice and at the Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder, CO I have had the great honor of providing thousands of readings and energy work sessions. You may read what others have said here>>>

Let me know if I can be of service to you!