Awakening Sessions

Intuitive Reading
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In these readings I actively read your energies and communicate with your loving spirit guides and angels to assist you in more accurately discerning decisions that are in your best and highest good; to recognize and connect with your own potential, intuition, purpose, and powers; and to better understand your career, health, relationships, life issues, and soul searchings. At times I may also work with blessed oracle cards, pendulums, muscle testing, body focusing, and prayer. 

What makes this work particularly unique is that I encourage you to listen to your own intuition (even before mine!)

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Holistic Therapy program

This strength-based 12 session program helps you achieve your personal goals, while using a unique blend of counseling clinical assessments and interventions with intuition, prayer / intention, spirituality, and energy healing. This offers YOU a truly holistic ~mind, body and spirit~ healing and progress oriented experience. Connect with your Higher Self, your loving spirit guides, and with your innate wisdom and ability to transform. For a limited time income based pricing is available. 

Kari is a true visionary and healer. She is connected to realms beyond what we typically experience. Any time with Kari is a true gift.
— SM, boulder co
Kari, Thank you with all my heart! I appreciate the freedom you have brought me.... and rest from my worry for so many years.... decades. You are precious to me. I look forward to being able to discuss other topics.... soon!
— RP, Boulder CO