Individual Sessions

Complementary, Soul-Based Technologies

Mindfulness & Insight Work

By focusing on body sensations, thoughts, and processing, stagnation and dis-ease may be alleviated and your vitality restored. In graduate school I specialized in Focusing and mindfulness-based insight therapies. 

Intending & Invoking

We hold tremendous power. My work invites you to be an active co-manifestor of your life, accessing your highest potential and spiritual guidance. 

Intuition Development

You are part of Source; as such, you hold within yourself seldom tapped abilities. Together, we may read these energies to assist you in more accurately discerning choices that are in your best and highest good; recognizing and connecting with your greatest potential, intuition, and purpose; and better understanding your career, health, relationships, and life. 

Processing & Support

Life can be challenging. When you have decided to nurture your intuitive, essential, or energetic qualities, the world isn't always understanding. I hold for you a safe, supportive, and confidential space to courageously navigate your personal awakening journey.  


Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEE) is  therapeutic touch that safely channels Life Force ("Ki") to balance the mind, body and spirit. As a Reiki Master with thousands of clinical hours, I not only offer this grace to clients, I also provide Reiki training's and attunements. To learn more about Reiki Click Here. To read more about becoming trained and attuned Click Here. 

Common Benefits: