As you likely are already aware, the individual and workshop sessions are designed to support your spirit and mind; and, what of the body?

Wellness is holistic~ meaning the spirit, mind and body bidirectionally impact each other.

Thus, in order to support your body as well, I wanted to offer you, the following assessment valued at $19.99.

You already know you likely need to eat well and keep active, but what about, removing Individual Energy Toxins?

Individual Energy Toxins Assessment

Your Home Should Be Your Haven

Our homes are our havens. They’re meant to be the places where we unwind, rest, and are the most safe for our rejuvenation. Yet, unbeknownst to us, many of us are constantly exposed to “Individual Energy Toxins” lurking in the corners, sabotaging our havens...What can we do about it? This assessment is designed for you to gain more understanding and personal mastery about what’s in your home and what to keep out of your home for your and your family’s ultimate benefit.

What’s an Individual Energy Toxin (IET)?

According Dr. Roger Callahan, who created Thought Field Therapy, “Individual Energy Toxins” (IET) may be various substances that we ingest, inhale, or apply to our skin that unbeknownst to us produce a “Psychological Reversal” (PR), or a phenomenon that sabotages, regresses, and/or blocks healing, well-being, and success.

Each of us possess unique biologies, sensitivities, and histories; thus, as the term implies, everyone’s Individual Energy Toxins may be individual. This assessment is to aid YOU in assessing YOUR Individual Energy Toxins so you can make positive corrections to prevent or stop Psychological Reversal; in other words, so you can actually heal, grow, and succeed.

It’s likely pivotal to sustaining your healing and growing progress (and your family’s too). Please thoughtfully, fill in the following. You can do one room at a time. {{{OR if you want to be sure to remove most common IETs and SAVE TIME, you can simply skip below to the “An Individual Energy Enhancers Swapping Method for Busy People” section.}}}

Go Room by Room


Go through you fridge and pantry, and please list all consumables. Be specific with brands, GMO or organic, etc. Common IETs may include: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugars, Dyes, Wheat, synthetics, GMOs and pesticides, eggs, dairy, etc.  What materials are your kitchen utensils made of? For instance, Teflon pans and plastic containers are common IETs. Please list supplements and medications as well.

Laundry Room / Cleaning Supplies

Please diligently look through every single one of your household cleaning and laundry room supplies and list them. Kindly make sure to include the brands.

Living, Family & Bed Rooms

Please list any candles, air fresheners, scents, electronics, and types of lighting. Also, list what TV shows you watch, audio programs you listen to, video games, apps, etc.

Baby, Kid & Animal Products

Please list your baby, kid and/or animal foods, technologies and personal care products.


Please list all dental health products, skincare products, shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, deodorant, and everything in your bathroom.  

Now that you accumulated a list of most of the major items and entertainments in your home (i.e. things you can control (and may I say, you’re the gatekeeper of?)), the next step is to systematically go through and “muscle test” each and every item--unless you want to skip to the Individual Energy Enhancers Swapping Method for Busy People handout to save time.

Muscle Testing is a scientifically validated method for assessing if substances make your body, mind, and spirit go weak or strong. In other words, to assess if they’re Individual Energy Toxins (IETs) or Individual Energy Enhancers (IEEs). As opposed to IETs, IEEs (my unofficial term) support your anatomy’s systems and natural healing abilities.

To learn how to Muscle Test--or what some call Applied Kinesiology—you can read the directions in these various resources:

  • Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Applied Kinesiology by Robert Frost, Ph.D.

  • The Art of Muscle Testing by Michael Hetherington

How to Test for IET’s

~An Individual Energy Enhancers Swapping Method

for Busy People~

As you’ve probably noticed many of us likely have many Individual Energy Toxins (IETs) and it could be a lengthy process to muscle test each item in one’s home and then test for alternatives or IEEs. That’s why I want to share with you this super, easy swapping method for busy people. Over a decade, I’ve muscle tested for common IETs and for the best, most convenient, and common IEEs I could find. It took me years, but here’s the method I found that best balances quality, effectiveness, ease, and cost.

Step One: Order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living

Of all of the “natural” lifestyle brands I’ve muscle tested, in general Young Living’s lifestyle products are great, clean, potent and therapeutic; ie. IEEs! This made more sense, once I researched and discovered that Young Living was the founder of therapeutic grade oils with a religious zeal for quality and a mission of health, scientifically has a rigorous distillation process, and other oil companies are now copying them; which, I think further demonstrates Young Living’s awesomeness.

Another reason why I recommend ordering a Premium Starter Kit by Young Living is because once you order your kit, you’ll get all of your future orders of IEEs at 24% off, with no strings attached! Additionally, you get the 10 products within your starter kit at 50% off retail price. This is like going into Costco and saying, “As my membership fee, can you please put together ten of your best selling products and then mark them at 50% off?”

See how great of a value this is?

This is part of the cost effective equation of this method.

There are several Premium Starter Kits. The main one could be good for swapping out toxic candles and air sprays, for oxygenating and air enhancing diffusers. The Thieves Kit could be good for swapping out cleaning supplies and immune supporters, and the Makeup Kit could be good for swapping out cosmetics, etc.

To order your kit you can simply click HERE.

If you would like to be part of my oil team (which includes fantastic members who have similar goals of holistic lifestyles!) then you can use my member number 3122109 in the sponsor and enroller sections. As a thank you for joining my team, when you order a premium kit, you’ll also get:

  • Fearless book

  • Fearless oil challenge handout

  • Unlimited enrollment to exclusive, member-only webinar trainings

  • A crash essential oil 101 email class

  • Personal ongoing support

premium starter kit.jpg

Step Two: Join the Essential Rewards Program

The next step of this easy swapping method for busy people is to join Young Living Essential Rewards (ER), which is an automated shipping program. This is for a number of reasons. One, it’s even more cost effective, which I’ll explain in a bit; but most importantly, it makes swapping IETs with EETs even more automated and easy for busy people. This is because you can go room by room, each month swapping. For instance, on the “The Simple Swap” handout by aromatherapist Sarah Harnisch, each month you can list the products from the room you’re swapping out that month on your ER and then it’ll be mailed to you! Then the next month you can do the next room, etc. ER makes swapping that simple!

Then to top it off, ER is like cash back credit cards. People go crazy for those. I just saw a commercial for a credit card bragging for giving 2% back. Young Living’s is way better. For your first three months on ER you get 10% points back on all purchases, then 20% off, and then 25% off after 12 months! It’s amazing! I do this option and I’m swimming in incredible Young Living products. Additionally, you’ll be eligible for free products periodically.  

Does that sound nice to you?

Another reason why you might want to consider ER is because while ER needs a minimum of 50 pv or about $50 order a month, the average household spends $150 a month on cleaning supplies, supplements, and personal care products (not including makeup). Why not, get better, common IEEs for the money you would be already spending (likely on IETs)? You aren’t spending more, you’re just swapping IETs for EETs.

Isn’t that smart?

When you join Essential Rewards under my team I’ll also send you in the mail, an Essential Oil Pocket Reference that’s valued at $16 and is priceless in the information.  

Step Three: Each Month Put the Items from “The Simple Swap” Handout on Your ER Order

The next step was explained a bit in step two. It’s to add the list of one room, from the attached “The Simple Swap” handout to your ER order each month. That’s it! The IEEs will simply arrive at your door! No more wasted time and energy at the grocery story reading labels with uncertainty, under fluorescent lighting, and then waiting in long lines (i.e. exposing yourself to more IETs)! Once your IEEs arrive, you can responsibly dispose of the IETs.

Step Four: Get Safe Utensils, EFT Reducer Devices, Water Purifier, etc.

During or after you’ve gone room by room switching IETs for IEEs using ER you’ll also want to get a few more IEEs or at least items that can reduce the potential effects of IETs. Such items may include:

  • Water purifier

  • Shungite sticky phone protector

  • Shungite slates for under your TVs and laptops

  • Placing crystals around electronics and outlets

  • Canceling cable and getting subscriptions that don’t have commercials and have more quality shows

  • Energy efficient, warm-light bulbs

  • Replacing conventional heating pads and blankets with Far Infrared ones

  • Testing for mold and lead, and correcting accordingly

    • If home was built after 1969 you’re probably lead free

  • Wearing shungite around the heart

  • Praying and/or smudging for protection and Christ Light in your home (if you believe)

  • Replacing plastic utensils and Teflon pans with more natural alternatives

    • Stainless steel bowls and pans are great

    • You can order some pans and pots at Young Living as well (get more points back)

  • Supplements by Young Living (Third party research showed that absorption of supplements increased 46% with Young Living’s oil infused supplements!)

Have a fully Individual Energy Enhancer stacked home in just 9 months!

Welcome to Your Clean Haven! Congrats!!!


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