Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT

Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT

Psychic Healer & Bio-Energetic Practitioner

Kari Halvorson has been a psychic energy healer and an advanced bio-energetic therapist for more than a decade. A Reiki Master with a Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling, she works with her clients in the energetic, multidimensional, relational, mind-body, and emotional realms. Kari's work includes the following:

  • healing the mind, body, and relationships through Reiki and energy work
  • investigating situations with psychic radar
  • helping clients and students develop their own psychic potentials
  • teaching energetic health and boundaries
  • facilitating bio-energetic therapy
  • teaching Reiki and passing attunements

To schedule a session or a phone consultation, write  kari@awakeningtothrive.com, or call/text 503-475-5759. Healing sessions begin at $75. Learn more here.   

Working with Kari is a powerful and empowering experience on many levels. She applies a constructive and intuitive approach to counseling while healing physical and energetic blockages–both subtle and persistent. I have been so gifted by the assistance Kari has provided me in her lovingly gentle work.
— C.A., Arvada, Colorado