Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT

I have dedicated my life to be of the highest service. With a Reiki Master's, a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling, and the medicine of seeing hyperdimensional realities and working with loving spirit guides and angels, I professionally and confidentially hold sacred space whereby you may explore your inner and outer realms (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual). This provides avenues for whole being transformation,  integration, and awakening.

Intuitive & Energetic Wellness

Intuitive Readings * Energy Work * Reiki Trainings * Awakening Courses

My mission is simple--to help people thrive. This means empowering and educating people to realize their vast capacities. As part of daily living it is easy to become disillusioned and unaware of our connection to real love and our ability to naturally thrive. The answer to personal, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and often physical health comes from awakening to love. I actively support people in accessing their strengths, intuition, and truth to become their own agents of change. This can create pathways to awakening. I believe in working collaboratively with clients to release static or negative energies, and to create positive energies that are aligned with love and Source

Awakening to Thrive's offerings are confidential, and uniquely and collaboratively created for you to:

  • increase your intuition and alignment with Source
  • clear, balance, and heal energetic wounding
  • increase helpful behaviors 
  • be a support in your spiritual exploration
  • provide intuitive, spiritual and energetic consultation, resources and empowerment
  • gain better understanding of your holistic self
  • learn effective personal coping strategies and relationship dynamics
Working with Kari is a powerful and empowering experience on many levels. She applies a constructive and intuitive approach to counseling while assisting the removal of physical and energetic blockages–both subtle and persistent. I have been so gifted by the assistance Kari has provided me in her lovingly gentle work.
— — C.A., Arvada, Colorado