Kari Halvorson

Reiki Level One Course


What to Expect

Reiki is a subtle energy modality that channels "universal Life Force energy" for the best and highest good. It may balance mind, body, and spirit in profound ways. In this group course we will get into the basic of Reiki, and much more.

The Course Process

In Level One you will learn how to ground, center, align with universal Life Force energy, and of course, awaken your inner healer. You will begin to use the universal Life Force energy on yourself as well as plants, food, Earth, animals, and friends and family.

Following your group course and a spiritual attunement to help strengthen your access to universal Life Force energy, you will participate with other Reiki students and energy healers within the Energy Healing Share Circle. In this practicum, practice your newfound skills, gain confidence, and receive loving and supportive feedback.

Once you have completed the course and requirements, you will be eligible for a certificate of completion. This is a “go at your own pace” course; however, it could take anywhere from one month to five months.

After completion, if you want, you can move on to Reiki Level Two (where you may then work on others, create a Reiki practice, volunteer at hospitals, or continue to strengthen your personal connection with universal Life Force energy. This is another training).

What's Included in the Reiki Level One Course?

  1. 2 day group, in-person course about Reiki 101

  2. A spiritual attunement to help strengthen your access to Reiki's healing, love-based light (i.e universal Life Force energy)

  3. A copy of Reiki Level One Student Training Handbook

  4. 2 follow-up, phone consultation hours about Reiki and your processing

  5. 1 in-person final consultation appointment with me

  6. 1 practicum appointment within the Energy Healing Share Circle or with me

  7. A certificate of completion

  8. The "lineage tree" of your Master

  9. The eligibility to progress to Reiki Level Two training

  10. Unconditional loving support, guidance, and feedback

  11. Join a community of heart-based healers

  12. 15% off future intuitive readings, energy work sessions, or consultation sessions with me

  13. 15% off Reiki Level Two training (redeemable within three months of completing this training)

What Other Students are Saying:

"Kari is an incredible energy healer and Reiki master. She is able to powerfully and fluently enter the energetic realm in order to facilitate healing, clearing, and connection with the light. After working with her as her client, I eventually received my attunements from her to become a Reiki master, and she has been an extraordinary teacher and guide, fully available to assist me as I entered the energetic realm by myself. Her insights and vision have been profound, and she has been truly empowering as I have begun my path of becoming a healer. She has always seen me and believed in me, and that alone has been extremely powerful.  I highly recommend her to everyone. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been able to do this work with her." --Juliana McCarthy, Boulder, CO

Next Steps:  

  1. To reserve your spot, please email me ASAP at Kari@AwakeningToThrive.com. Seats may fill up fast.

  2. Also, please note that your reservation is not 100% confirmed until your tuition is received. The cut off date is Friday 21st.

  3. Lastly, begin reading up to page 106 in The Reiki Manual: a Training guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners, and Masters by Penelope Quest. If you don’t complete the reading before course, that’s ok. You will have time to do so afterwards.

What to Bring to Your Group Course:

  1. Your enthusiasm and love for Reiki!

  2. Water, snacks, and if need be, dinner

  3. Comfortable clothing as we will be sitting on the floor at times, working and moving around, climbing up and down massage tables, etc.

  4. The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest

  5. Notepad, paper and pen


3990 Broadway, Suite D, Boulder, CO 80304. The suite is above Lucky's Bakery. The location can be difficult to find, so please feel free to call or text me at 503-475-5759 for directions, and to leave plenty of extra time to find it.


Till October 21st enjoy 25% off! That's $249.75. On the 22nd the tuition will be it's normal price of $333. You may pay online, ask me to send you a PayPal request, or mail a check to my office.

Private Training Are Also Available Upon Request.  

Pay it Forward:

Know of someone else who may be interested? Please forward this to them so that they may benefit from this incredible experience too.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance.


Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT * Kari@AwakeningToThrive.com *503-475-5759 (voice & text)