Beginner Oil Class

In this FREE crash email, class you'll learn the A~Z of oils

What You'll Learn:

Each day we'll focus on a topic, with videos, links, resources, and research; thus, by the end of the 12 days--you guessed it--you'll be an oil expert!

  • DAY 1: My different oil story
  • DAY 2: What essential oils are and how they can benefit you (HINT: A lot more than you probably think) 
  • DAY 3: 3 ways of using essential oils and 2 no-no's
  • DAY 4: WARNING: Don't buy oils at these places...
  • DAY 5: How to cook, detox, get maximum nutrition, and manage weight with essential oils
  • DAY 6: How to provide animal care with essential oils
  • DAY 7: How to use essential oils for your skin, hair, and teeth
  • DAY 8: Get your pretty face on with natural and oil infused makeup and skincare
  • DAY 9: How Aromatherapy can balance your mood and aid your psychological well-being
  • DAY 10: How to upgrade your home products to improve your family's wellness and to keep them safe
  • DAY 11: Don't make my 5 oil mistakes
  • DAY 12: How to use your essential oil starter kit and possible next steps

And...then a SURPRISE (or maybe several (wink-wink)) to FOLLOW!!!