Thank you for considering me for your event! I am honored. 

A bit about me

Hello! I love to facilitate--or how I view it--channel messages from Spirit for audiences. This is an incredible honor. I have spoken at such places as the Caritas Center, Colleges, and for my own Reiki or energy healing students, and have facilitated countless workshops. I have a master's of science in mental health counseling, am a Reiki master teacher and therapist, and am an intuitive and emphatic; who writes enthusiastically about holistic wellness and posts awakening messages on Instagram. In my free time I love to meditate, practice yoga, and hike with my dog Takara.  

What you can expect

  1. A 110% effort on my part. I'm passionate about enlightening lives. 
  2. Professional replies within two business days or less to your emails and phone calls.
  3. A personal phone consultation about your event, audience, and vision. I want to customize the event to what you want.
  4. An announcement about your event in my blog and social media channels. (That is if your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility.)
  5. A  professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation or workshop that focuses on achieving your desired outcomes.
  6. A custom electronic resource page that includes the slides and links of resources presented for your audience.
  7.  A media kit that includes banners, pictures, questions and answers (for radio or interview formats), and more to help you easily get the word out and to look smart. 
  8. A quick follow-up to ensure the event exceeded your expectations and to hear of your suggestions for improvement. 

featured topicS

I facilitate group conversations and workshops about spiritual and personal development, and customize my presentations to met your needs and desired outcomes. It may be noteworthy to say I can: present as a keynote, a facilitator of workshops, and/or be involved in question and answer interviews. Also I have various length versions. While I can speak on a number of topics, here are my featured topics: 

  • Awakening to Thrive: I'm currently writing a new spiritual, self-help book for people who are spiritually and personally growing or awakening. It helps them break free from chains of sabotage or the matrix, awaken to a multidimensional existence filled with spirit guides and magic, and learn how to live a more wholehearted life or one that is in alignment with Heaven on earth. I passionately guide readers--or in this instance audiences-- to successfully navigated and thrive during their natural and spontaneous awakenings.  
  • Intuition Development: You can hear a sample of an interview with me discussing intuition HERE. 
  • Reiki Levels One - Three: As a Reiki therapist and teacher who has certified dozens of students, I can both talk about Reiki and also do level certification workshops (which are two and a half days long). Reiki is Universal life force energy that balance the mind, body, and spirit for the greatest good. 

The next step

Thank you again for considering me for your event! You can take the next step by contacting me and we can discuss your event. Just click on the button below and I will get back to you within two business days or less. I look forward to talking with you soon.