Launch & Enhance your Private, Healing Practice: Living Your Medicine Path

Launch & Enhance your Private, Healing Practice: Living Your Medicine Path

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Are you a healer who wants to start or grow your private practice? 

Shayn and I believe healers need to share and live their medicine path. We both run successful practices, but learned the hard way. I wish I had someone share with me what we are going to share with you. We want you to save time and energy, so that you can do what you do best!

There is so much information in this course; 20 videos and over 300 hours! It's fun, entertaining, and easily understandable. Lastly, there are worksheets to help you actually make changes in your practice. Everything you need to know and the tools to help you implement.

There is no reason to not be and give in the world what you are meant to do, and to be profitable! Especially now, with 2017 being all about new beginnings. 

In this eCourse you will:

  • identify your medicine
  • thwart internal and external boulders to running a thriving practice
  • authentically educate others about your medicine, both in person and via social media (we will discuss how you can create a great elevator speech and about marketing strategies (and using social media))
  • accept abundance through exchange of goods (create a price structure)
  • smoothly facilitate medicine sessions 
  • legally create your business structure
  • keep financial records and learn how to file with the IRS
  • optimize your website
  • And soooo much more!

Investing in this course and thus yourself is a no brainer in that you will be able to make as much money as you need are want with the tools provided. The sky is the limit! Is it worth it to live a meaningful and freedom filled like doing what you love?

Pre-order this eCourse and save 38%. We know that starting and growing a practice takes money, and so we don't want this to be another boulder to living your medicine path. 

This eCourse is scheduled to launch in a few months, at which time, if you pre-ordered you will receive an email with links so you can access the course on a secure and private hosting board for one year. There is also a Q & A forum!

If in the unlikely event there is an issue with the eCourse, please email me at and I will straighten it out right away. 

The world needs healing now, and Shayn and I want to support the healers. Hopefully this eases and supports your path. Stop waiting and playing small. Now is the time to live a freedomfill, thriving and inspired life doing what you love and are gifted at. 

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