Empath Navigational eCourse

Empath Navigational eCourse


Save time and stress by mastering easy to use, but necessary care techniques and development skills for your heightened sensitivities

Empaths are highly sensitive to the people and environments around them. They share and feel what others feel, and thus understand them on a profoundly deep level. They are incredibly intuitive because they feel energy. They are natural caretakers, seers, and healers. They build relationships.

However, if they do not learn how to use and keep this skill sharp, all of the energies and emotions they feel may become overwhelming.


Are you an empath? Do you feel for the world and others tremendously? Do you often feel what others are feeling in your body or in your mood? Do you feel depleted? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or hopeless for the state of others / the world in general? Do you tend to take care of others? Are you a caring person? Do you ever suffer from compassion fatigue? Some of these are empath characteristics.


In this eCourse we will discuss what’s going on for you within your energy anatomy, and why learning the skills within this course will help change your life forever! You will cultivate your empathy and to be a more empowered and highly functioning person. You will effortlessly navigate the intense and ever changing Earth terrain, and to use your empathy as the compass.


Additionally you will:


  • Know what’s your energy and feelings, and what’s others’.

  • Save time in developing and strengthening your empathic compass, or abilities to know vital information about situations and people.

  • Develop strong and supportive boundaries and filters that help you nurture mutually beneficial and enriching relationships.

  • Clear your aura to become brighter, more joyful, and more alert and intuitive. This will help you detangle from lower energies to be your true radiant self.  

  • Gain confidence in going to public spaces, such as, the mall, drama filled families, or workplaces.

  • No longer fear energy vampires, becoming drained, or being sucked into carrying around others’ emotions.

  • Let go of others’ negativity and model to them a more free and light-filled life. 

  • Overcome compassion fatigue

  • Learn the basics of energy anatomy and hygiene

  • Find greater peace in your day to day life

  • And much more!


This eCourse is made up of five interactive videos:

  1. So you’re an empath, now what?

    1. This video touches upon what it means to be an empath and about the basics of energy anatomy and hygiene. We will explore your empathy map.

  2. Your empathy is a compass due north

    1. In this video we will discuss how empathy is a skill, not a deficit! You have probably felt weird or out of place, or overwhelmed most of your life. However, if you strengthen and work with you empathy--without being overwhelmed--you will become an incredibly intuitive and divinely guided person. This can be used for yourself and others.  

  3. Clearing techniques for empaths

    1. Since empaths feel so much within their energy anatomies, clearing your aura, disengage from toxic situations and people, and other basic energy hygiene techniques will be vital for you. We will practice many easy to use clearing techniques within this video that you can start to use right away. It’s time to dig up your gold!

  4. Boundary and filtering techniques for empaths

    1. Within this video we will discuss how you can create boundaries that only allow love, light and energies that are in your best and highest good to enter. You will grasp how to say “no,” set boundaries, and implement energy filtering techniques. These techniques will allow you to safeguard your treasure.

  5. Meditation and final words on empathy

    1. We will review the methods and directions that you underwent to find and to continually access your treasure. Also, receive a little-known and transformative "fast track" message! Your empathy is an endless reserve of "gold," because your light and sensations are ever glowing.

As you know, dearest empath, this world has many energies and is at times a very intense place to live. Unfortunately, in school we weren't taught how to navigate all of these energies, and we are often even shamed or made fun of! This is so sad, because you provide a tremendous treasure of wisdom and emotional intelligence. However, to get unstuck--to not be bogged down by others’ and environmental bombarding energies, and perhaps your own shame about being different--is the key for you to share your emotional intelligence to help humanity and for your own pleasure and fulfillment!


Several weeks ago, I had a dream in which two angels asked me to help empaths step into their power. Apparently 2017 is about Truth. And, guess what? Empaths, you are a vital role! Now is the time to tithe your gold--to model this new paradigm and to speak about what you perceive with these heightened sensitivities.


I’m extremely excited to share this eCourse with you! The content included incorporates what I personally gained through the hard knocks of being an empath (which I will share more indepth in the eCourse) and what I have worked with hundreds of clients.

It’s easy to use. Upon purchasing the eCourse you will receive an email with the downloads for the videos. You can watch the videos at your own pace and as often as you want. 


This eCourse is due to launch March 1st. On that date, if you pre-ordered, you will receive an email with the downloads for this eCourse. 


Your satisfaction is important! If for any unlikely reason there is a problem, please email me at Kari@AwakeningToThrive.com and I will work straight away to resolve it.


When you pre-order this eCourse by March 1st the first 20 people who pre-order will be added to the Reiki Blessings Subscription (a $36 value)!


Blessings on your treasure hunt. I pray this eCourse gives you the revealing map.

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