Reiki Level Two Certification: Learn to Heal Others & the World

Reiki Level Two Certification: Learn to Heal Others & the World


What to Expect:

This training is for people who have completed Reiki Level One training and who are looking to continue their Reiki education and path.

In this two day, in-person training, expand your work with Reiki! You will learn how to:

  • work on others

  • follow Reiki ethics

  • create a practice or volunteer (if you desire)

  • perform distance healings

  • offer Reiki to situations, places, and events

  • increase your Reiki channel

  • use Reiki magnifying symbols

  • and much more.

Following your in-person training and an other spiritual attunement, you will practice, gain confidence, and receive supportive feedback from other healers in the Energy Healing Share Circle. Also, enjoy a consultation follow-ups, and discounts on Living Your Medicine Path: A Professional Development Course for Healers (that goes over the brick and mortars of running a private practice).

Once you have completed the training, attunement, practicum benchmarks, 3 hours of self-healing, 5 hours of working on others, 3 hours of using Reiki creatively, and an easy comprehensive test, you will be eligible for a certificate of completion. This course is "go at your own pace;" however, it often takes students anywhere between one to four months. After completion, if you want, you can move on to Reiki LevelThree (where you may teach Reiki or continue to strengthen your personal connection with universal Life Force energy. This is another course).

What’s Included:

  1. Two day, in-person training about Reiki 102

  2. A second spiritual attunement to help even further strengthen your access to Reiki’s healing, love-based light (i.e. universal Life Force energy)

  3. One follow-up, phone consultation hour about Reiki and your processing

  4. Practicum sessions within the Energy Healing Share Circle

  5. A Reiki handouts that explains the training process and has time logs for your convenience

  6. The eligibility to progress to

  7. Learn about flower therapy and the use of essential oils to magnify Reiki and to increase your abundance in your practice

  8. A spa night! This will include a movie, facials, and more! There is also space for people to spend the night if they want, access to a hot tub and heated pool and much more. It is my intention that we have fun and relax too!

  9. Unconditional loving support, guidance, and feedback

  10. A community of heart-based healers

  11. A certificate of completion

  12. One month free of Living Your Medicine Path: A Professional Development Course 

Next Steps:  

  1. To reserve your spot for this in-person training, please email me as soon as possible. Spots fill up fast! 

  2. Also, please note that your reservation is not 100% confirmed until your tuition is received. It is due at least ten days prior to your training. You may pay online or ask me to send you a PayPal request.

  3. Lastly, begin reading pages 107 - 235 of The Reiki Manual: a Training guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners, and Masters by Penelope Quest. Copies are available on Amazon or at the Lighthouse Bookstore on Pearl and Broadway street in Boulder Colorado (I endorse buying local!). If you don’t complete the reading before your in-person training, that’s ok. You will have time to do so afterwards.

What to Bring to Your In-Person Training:

  1. Your enthusiasm and love for Reiki!

  2. Water, snacks, and if need be, either a lunch or dinner (fridge available). There is also talk of a potluck. I'll provide further details upon enrollment. 

  3. Comfortable clothing as we will be sitting on the floor at times, working and moving around, climbing up and down massage tables, etc.

  4. The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest

  5. Notepad, paper and pen

  6. A swimsuit and towel


The second weekend of November, 2017. The 11th & 12th. 


You will receive directions to the lovely, get away space upon receiving your intent to attend. 


The investment is: $300 (and can be written off)

Pay it Forward:

Know of someone else who may be interested? Please forward this to them so that they may benefit from this incredible experience too.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance.


Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT

503-475-5759 (voice & text)



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