Reiki Level Three Training: Teach Your Passion

Reiki Level Three Training: Teach Your Passion


~Master the Art of Reiki & Become a Reiki Teacher~

As you already know, Reiki is a subtle energy modality that channels "Universal Life Force energy" for the best and highest good. It may balance mind, body, and spirit in subtle and gentle, but profound, ways.

I've studied bioenergetics for over 10 years, and now as a Reiki master healer and mentor, with years of experience (and with a master’s degree in mental health counseling, which informs my teaching style), I'm grateful to share this blessing and to provide loving consultation for Reiki healers, blossoming teachers, and hopefully you!

What to Expect

In Reiki Level III you will learn how to master the art of Reiki, and to teach and attune. You will strengthen your connection with Life Force, and step into a consultant role--to give the gift of light to others.

Following your in-person training and your third spiritual attunement, you will participate with other Reiki students and healers within the Reiki Share Circle. In this practicum, practice your newfound skills, gain confidence, and receive loving and supportive feedback.

Once you have completed the training, attunement, and practicum benchmarks then, if you want, you can pursue a livelihood in offering and teaching Reiki!

What's Included?

  1. 2 day in-person training about Reiki Level III, which includes the master symbols and how to attune others to Reiki
  2. The third Reiki attunement
  3. Handouts
  4. 1 follow up, phone consultation appointments about Reiki and your processing
  5. Practicum sessions within the Reiki Share Circle
  6. A certificate of completion
  7. Unconditional loving support, guidance, and feedback
  8. A community of heart-based healers

Prerequisites for this Training: Documentation of completing Reiki Levels I & II.

To enroll, please email me at

What are you waiting for? This is a powerful way to give back, and to live your passion.

Know of someone else who may be interested? Please forward this to them so that they may benefit from this incredible experience too. 

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