Couple's Sessions

We live and thrive in relationships. We are interdependent beings. As such, a healthful relationship is a core aspect of our well-being. As a former mental heath counselor I learned many beneficial skills and interventions to help foster more intimate connections. I work from a strengths-based perspective and also use my intuition or heightened senses, and non-denominational prayer, conversing with your angels and guides, intention, and energy work. A big emphasis of our work together is honoring your sacred souls as equals meeting to mindfully create a new living, loving relationship. This provides even more breath to our work. I absolutely love working with couples--both hetero and queer (this is a safe zone), any age and with different philosophical slants. I offer premarital programs, couple's insight work, and wedding (or other ceremony) officiant services. Please see specific offerings below.   


PREMARITAL Foundations

A practical 12-week program for couples taking the next step

This program is strengthen based in that together we identify your strengths, views, and goals as a couple and use them to create an even stronger foundation for your long lasting house of a marriage. Each week-- for 12 weeks--the three of us will meet for an hour and a half and discuss a different topic. Topics range from:

  • developing your goals and identifying what the marriage commitment means to you
  • enhancing your "love maps"
  • understanding each other's relationship style
  • sharpening your love languages 
  • managing conflict and solving solvable problems
  • discussing parenting styles (if applicable)
  • developing financial literacy and goals
  • navigating in-laws and parents
  • exploring your shared values and spiritual orientation
  • negotiating expectations, gender roles, and living agreements
  • fostering sexuality and intimacy
  • planning the wedding
  • processing the mix bag of emotions around getting married
  • creating a "us" instead of a "me vs. you" mentality
  • and much more!

Still have questions? Click below to book a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if this is the right program for your relationship. Please note that it's the free consultation for the premarital program.

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Couple's Insight Work

While relationships can be tremendously fulfilling, just like a house that needs updates from time to time, your relationship may also benefit from some loving attention. Whatever your presenting issues and/or goals are, we can work as a team to foster more awareness, respect, and connection. I believe that if we conceptualize relationships as a dance, we can be empowered to learn new steps to change up our relationship styles to a relationship we love dancing.  

To book a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if engaging in couple's insight work is right for your relationship please click below. In the notes section, please write it's the free consultation for couple's insight work. 

Investment Option #2 is use the PayPal subscription button bellow to do four monthly installments of $396. 



I love weddings, graduations, and ceremonies. I believe they represent sacred rites of passages. My specialties include weddings, handfasting, new age rituals, and general Light base spirituality. Together we can create a mindful officiating experience that accurately reflects your couple-hood and/or whatever the ceremony may be. 

A minimum of two month's notice before your scheduled date is required. 

To book a free 20 minute phone consultation for questions and a bid, you can click below. Please note that it's the free consultation for officiating.