Book the Healing Arts at Your Boulder~Denver Office

~Get the workplace advantage by enhancing productivity, moral, and well-being~


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According to Forbes, sick leave costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year. Not to mention countless decreased production value due to stress and ill health. Research demonstrates employees that are well contribute better and thus the company is better for it. How can companies use this to their advantage to create a co-wellness and thereby prosperous environment? 


What You Can Expect:


Proven Techniques & Technologies 

The healing arts promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and support's the immune system.  

Techniques included may be:  

  • Reiki, an ancient gentle healing touch modality,
  • massage,
  • acupressure,
  • cleansing and balancing of the bio-energetic field,
  • reflexology and hand massage,
  • aromatherapy,
  • and Raindrop / AromaTouch Technique. 

Professional Practitioners 

All healing arts practitioners are: 

  • Certified in some kind of healing arts modality, 
  • vetted and reviewed by other quality professionals for quality assurance,
  • suitable for the workplace environment,
  • and insured

We Bring Everything

No need to worry! We will set up the environment to your liking. We will bring:

  • massage tables,
  • spa music,
  • therapeutic grade essential oils, 
  • consent forms,
  • a sign-up sheet, 
  • and all the extras to create the perfect workplace, wellness advantage. 

How do the healing arts

work, at work? 

  • Certified and insured healing arts practitioners travel to your workplace with the required equipment.

  • Unless you want to include the Raindrop / AromaTouch Technique, typically no clothing removal is necessary.

  • You customize your package. 

  • You decide the frequency; once or twice a month; and for how long.

  • You decide the duration of individual sessions; 12 to 75 minutes.

  • Tell us what you want and about your environment and culture, and we will make the perfect package for you!

Your Satisfaction is Important


Up to 24 hours before a booking time you can cancel your subscription and get re-reimbursed for unused bookings.

After your booking, we will follow up with you to see how it went. Your feedback and satisfaction is important!

HURRY, there is no

time like the present to get

the workplace wellness advantage!