Awakening to Thrive

Principles for Spiritual and Personal Growth


About Awakening To Thrive

I'm currently writing a new spiritual, self-help book for people who are spiritually and personally growing or awakening. The book is called Awakening To Thrive: Principles for Spiritual and Personal Growth. It helps them:

  • break free from chains of sabotage or the matrix,

  • awaken to a multidimensional existence filled with spirit guides and magic, and

  • learn how to live a more wholehearted life or one that is in alignment with Heaven on earth.

After successfully guiding hundreds of clients, readers can now benefit from the learned principles within this book. They too can thrive during their natural and spontaneous awakenings.

Working on this book is an act of great love and every contribution helps the efforts: 

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Overview of Awakening To Thrive


Throughout my life, I have experienced spontaneous awakening episodes and received training as a psychotherapist and a holistic health practitioner. I have walked with hundreds of clients during their growing pains and exciting triumphs. Now benefit from those many lessons in Awakening to Thrive: Principles for Spiritual and Personal Growth, which touches on the human experience of why you are here and where you are heading in your natural evolution or spiritual awakening process. This guide offers comprehensive solutions, education, skills, and meditations to help navigate your awakening. What will you find with your eyes wide open? Spoiler alert! Due to humanity’s interconnection, when you awaken, you help everyone. Join me in consciously illuminating your mission for a truly meaningful life.

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A Sneak Peak


The room fell pitch black after insistently praying to know the mysteries of the Universe. A chill rippled up and down my spine. “God!” I cried, “Please, protect me.”

Then, deep peace--a calm as my essence hurtled on an astral journey to the end of the Universe and back. Everything changed...


Table of contents

  • Forward (TBA)
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. How You Fell Asleep
  • Chapter 2. How To Heed Your Wake-Up Call
  • Chapter 3: How To Thrive During Your Initial Awakening Stages
  • Chapter 4. How Your Life Could Change Upon Awakening
  • Chapter 5. How To Stay Awake
  • Chapter 6. How To Make a Difference
  • Chapter 7. Heaven on Earth

Chapter Summaries

CHAPTER 1: How You Fell Asleep

It's not your fault you fell asleep in the first place or are unhappy, we are born into a world thus far governed by the matrix or a complex, multidimensional control system; which includes life-defeating thoughts and behaviors (which are fed to us and that are addictive). In this chapter you will learn more about the matrix, or what some call hell, and how to defend yourself. You will practice, easy to use exercises, a meditation and a prayer. Don't worry, this can be a rather empowering ah-ha moment that Lights the way for a fully awakened and thus purposeful life.  

CHAPTER 2. How To Heed Your Wake-Up Call

We’ve all been there. We’ve spent that extra half hour in bed pressing the snooze button instead of getting up when we set our alarm. Therefore, the next awakening principle is to actually heed the wake-up call. It’s not enough to hear the call, you must respond to it. In this chapter, we will explore:

  1. the second awakening principle: heed the call

  2. the cost of not waking up, and

  3. common characteristics of wake-up calls.

Additionally, you may practice the exercises, a meditation, and a prayer for hearing and heeding your call.

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CHAPTER 3. How To Thrive During Your Initial Awakening Stages

Once you realize the first two principles--don’t feed your monsters [from chapter one] and heed your call--you may begin to experience various spontaneous awakening episodes. Like growing pains, these episodes may be uncomfortable for some time. However, this is only a transition while you are blossoming into your spiritual potential. In this chapter, we will discuss:

  1. the third awakening principle-- perform acts of self-love.

  2. the spiritual anatomy of an awakening, and

  3. common signs you are spiritually awakening,

Enjoy exercises, a meditation, and a prayer to aid you through initial spontaneous awakening episodes.

CHAPTER 4. How Your Life Could Change Upon Awakening

What will you see with your eyes wide open? How could your life be different? In short, you will be able to access the Kingdom of God or Heaven that is within you. You will be able to feel and be one with the Universe. To access this infinite wisdom, you will need to be one with God and follow the fourth awakening principle: let Spirit drive your life. In chapter four we will also talk about:

  1. common characteristics of a Spirit-driven life, and

  2. the “geography” of Heaven and your Heavenly helpers, or what you will find on the spiritual road.  

Lastly, you can practice exercises, a meditation, and a prayer to truly know Heaven and Truth within you.   

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CHAPTER 5. How To Stay Awake

What’s next? How do you continue to live an awakened, magical, and amazing life day in and out while working, being with your family and still functioning? It can be tempting to go back to sleep. These questions bring us to the next awakening principle: constantly focus. Not only will we explore this principle, but in this chapter we will also look at:

  1. the seduction of re-engagement with the matrix, and

  2. The powers of integrity, courage and strength.

Utilize easy to use exercises, a meditation, and a prayer to help you cultivate this principle and to maintain your awakening progress and momentum.

CHAPTER 6. How To Make a Difference

At this point, you know how to awaken and how to maintain your awakening progress. In this chapter, we will explore tying it all together--how you can make a difference. This is done through being more loving and allowing yourself to be loved. This is the final awakening principle: love fiercely. We will also examine:

  1. the epidemic of hardened hearts,

  2. what it means to love fiercely (the sixth awakening principle),

  3. the myths of love, and

  4. the spiritual anatomy of love.  

This is my favorite chapter! Finally, we will discuss exercises, a meditation, and a prayer to help you open your heart.

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CHAPTER 7. Heaven on Earth

In this concluding chapter, I will summarize the principles of the book, include follow-up steps, and demonstrate how awakening helps the collective. Finally, we will discuss our mission to anchor Heaven on earth.  


Up, up, up, and up! Planets, stars, and brilliant colors. Then, paradoxically, I threaded through what I can only describe as an eye of a needle. Perhaps this is the inner self? Once passed, I sprung out in infinite loops covering and dawning the entirety of the Universe. The Light of I am, you are, and all shined like the star of Bethlehem, heralding Heaven on earth. By going within, I was launched into unity. I was one with the Universe and the Universe was one with me. The totality of all blazing with Light...A deep realization without separation of consciousness, I know this is God. All is God.

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A Little Bit About Me, The Author


Like many of you, even at a young age, I was different. When I say “different,” I mean “odd.” I felt so much and was in a constant state of bliss. I felt tremendous amounts of joy and love for everyone and everything. Life was mystical. I was sweet and innocent, and had no inner critic. Thankfully, my wise parents supported spiritual exploration and encouraged my compulsion to know God (the non-denominational Universal life force energy, or what some call Spirit, Source, Creator, Universe, etc. Please note, it is my intention that this book may speak to a variety of Light based philosophies, religious orientations, and backgrounds. Therefore, I interchange the terms and you may do so as well.)

With their support and my inner God Light guiding the way, I’ve always been passionate about spirituality and holistic health, and have made aiding people in their wellness journey my lifelong pursuit. Throughout my life I enthusiastically studied “spiritual health,” and actively practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, energy medicine, oracle card reading, Reiki, Kundalini, Qi-gong, psychic development, Shamanism, and prayer. Thousands of spiritually oriented books covered my childhood home.

Moreover, I studied mental health issues and world religions. I am intuitive, empathic, and able to sense energy systems, and at times, I work with loving spirit guides and angels. These Source-given talents have increased over the years, and I have come to believe even more heartily that love is the ultimate answer to freedom, healing, and personal growth.

Additionally, I became well-versed in the study mental health. I studied Psychology at Carroll College, and then gained my Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling at Montana State University (MSU).

After graduate school, I worked as a Psychotherapist, where I longed to provide people with more holistic and spiritual support. I branch out to learn more about energy work and became a Reiki Master Therapist and Teacher and certified Angel Intuitive.

Then, after a near death car accident, I felt a heightened mystical connection with the Universe. I launched into studying intuition at great lengths. Eventually, I felt guided to offer intuitive readings, or what some may call psychic readings. In my private practice and at the Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder, Colorado, I have had the great honor of providing thousands of intuitive, angel readings, and soul healings, which has now lead me to sharing with you in this book what I have learned from God, the angels, and my clients.

Whooo….thanks for staying with me through that long winded background. I want to be of the highest service and do all I can for your benefit.

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THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting Awakening to Thrive! As a Thank you, you will be entered into the monthly distance energy blessings! which is a $36 dollar value. this book feels like my purpose, to make a contribution...I can't thank you enough! 

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