A small, but potent word.

In this day in age we are bombarded with messages of materialism, individuality, and egoism. Even so called yogis unbeknownst to them can be in it for all the wrong reasons.

It can be difficult to keep ourselves in check from time to time--to ask ourselves the BIG questions. 

What are my motives in situations? 

Why am I acting this way? 

At first glance our responses may seem legit and full of the ego's eloquently constructed defenses masked in spirituality and/or logic. But, upon further evaluation and honesty with ourselves we may realize our motives are fear or limited based. 

Sadly, our trauma causes us to not trust Spirit, which by it's very nature can't be limited. As a result, our motives can be devoid of faith and be self motivated--coping strategies. We try to force results. While we must take part in creating our reality, it's called "co-creating," not authoritarianism. This means we need to follow Spirit, act on it's guidance, and then let it go; rather than push, push, push our agendas.

When we focus on the Source's will (or what I like to call the non-denominational God or Spirit that is the life force within us all), that's when the magic sauce really happens. We need to always remember to re-orient to God. 

Let's frequelty pray and meditate, and intend to be of the highest and best service for all.

We need to see it as an honor to serve God's daughters, sons, animals, creatures, and Mother Earth. This humility--while may feel diminishing only diminishes the fear based motives of the ego--ironically it lifts our Higher Selves to God. To quote Moulin Rouge, "Love [or in this case, God] lifts us up to where we belong."   

When we are truly humble and devote ourselves to Source, we are taken care of in all ways. Until we master humility our ego will keep sabotaging us--attract hardships after hardships in the form of opportunities for us to practice humility. 

Some may say, "We simply need to believe in our self worth; this raises our vibration and magnetizes more goodness." While I believe this is partly true--perhaps, it needs to be our Higher Selves or the part of us that is one with Source that is believed in and elevated, not the little self or ego driven motives.

Today I invite you to ask yourself these questions. How can humility fit into your life more? What does humility mean to you? What inspires you to be humble?  

Tell us about your humility transformation! We want to hear all about it and if you have any tips.