What Officiating My Best Friend's Wedding Taught Me 

O weddings. Work here and there, and then more work. But, what officiating taught me, is that it's more about the blessed union of the couple, under God or Source; and the bring together of community.

Nothing else really matters. 

A marriage ceremony (or union) is just that--it's a ceremony that infuses prayer, intention and the full participation of those involved into a cauldron of blessings. 

Being my best friend's officiant was truly an honor. It reminded me of the wholehearted nature, the simplicity, and the mysteries of ceremony. Nothing can be more of a mile stone than the joining of two spirits in a marriage ceremony. 

As the bride and groom walked down the alley--with all eyes on them--and the majestic bass guitar singing in the background, good heartfelt swells glistened in our eyes. This open and brave display, speaks the the touching nature of vulnerability, wholehearted love and commitment.... it was a return to innocence. 

How incredible that two beings--in this day and age--can find each other, dedicate themselves to each other's well being, and have the courage and conviction to stand up in front of God and all of those witnesses declaring their love!

Man, that takes courage. 

God is amazing. The Universal life force energy or Holy Spirit infuses and blesses our work; especially when we congregate as a village with one intention. This is the nature of true magic or consecration work. It doesn't matter if it's Catholic, protestant, new age, Jewish, Wicca, a combination, or whatever. God. is. there.

Over the week of preparing for the wedding, I witness how all of their friends and family members gladly and selflessly, pitched in with the thousands of details. Their efforts not only "through the party," but they contributed to the goodness surrounding the couple. Likely those good intentions will continue to surround them throughout their lives and marriage.  

Being an officiant is one of the coolest and most sacred things I've done in a very long time. It brought to light the importance of:

  • community,
  • love,
  • intention,
  • standing for something,
  • and simplicity. 

Not only was the ceremony a celebration, but it was also a revered process of the binding of their lives--the two binding together. Their commitments were life altering, and their friends and family could stand in support of their new lives together. 

Love is alive and real. Tradition and ceremony is still alive and well, and very powerful. 

What a joy and honor.