What My Dog, Takara's Taught Me

Sniffing out her new terrain…

Sniffing out her new terrain…

When we first fostered Takara—a 2 year old ex-racing greyhound—we had little idea what we were getting into. 

She first poled up in a cattle truck from Oklahoma. She’d been driving for over 7 hours in a crate with 7 other dogs. She was still covered in red dust from the racetrack. 

The whole ride home she shook.

Poor gal. 

To me she seemed traumatized...it took days to adjust to her new life. We had to introduce her to stairs, let her know we would always come back, and even teach her how to go outside. She messed herself a few times, which was a big debacle. This was a much more labor intensive experience than expected. Whooo... 

You may or may not know, that racing dogs are kept solely on the farm. Until they retire they never set foot on cement and they certainly haven't had the joys of being a pet (i.e. being loved and pampered on). 

Initially this broke my heart. But then I saw her great strengths. Despite her background, she sought to please. She loved us right away! How amazing that she could have so much heart. Thus, she has taught me to be openhearted and to love no matter what. 

She has also taught me to be of service. Always seek to be of service above all else.

When she first came to us…

When she first came to us…

How can I love and be of service more?

She always loves and wants to be good. Like her, I want to dedicate every word, action, and energy to the greater good, which is mutually beneficial. 

Takara has also taught me to go after opportunities in front of me. How she taught me this in that she enjoys watching and casing rabbits. And why not?They’re right in front of her! In our own lives, sometimes we miss what's right there because we are too focused on the past or the future. We miss the opportunities Spirit’s presenting us, constantly, right NOW. 

Thus, I now grasp the opportunities right in front of me, just like Takara. 

Additionally, I stop and smell the pee...what? Wait, I mean the roses. Yep, Takara has tough me a great deal about being in the moment, pausing, and enjoying my surroundings. From here on out, I stop more, pause, and give thanks for all the beauty abound. 

In addition to teaching me about how to be loving, of service and to go after what's in front of me, and to stop and smell the roses, she’s taught me a whole lot of patience and to never give up.

As you can imagine in her transition, it took some time. BUT, she’s the most precious being. How could I’ve ever given up on her? Now she gives me in love and presence more than I could give.

How can I have more patience with myself, my brothers and sisters, and the evolution of the collective consciousness?

Most importantly, however, Takara has taught me strength and about the ability of anyone—no matter what—to heal.


With Source through us, anything is possible. Takara’s living proof of the ability for transformation, and your, my and everyone's ability. With my counseling and energy healing clients, Takara is quite the therapy dog. She's able to "speak" with those who’re suffering, and compassionately and empathetically model hope. 

Takara’s taught me much about life. What have your precious animals taught you? Please share with us in the comment section, so that the lessons may integrate and spark new thought. 

God bless the four leggiers!

Kari Halvorson, MSComment