What If Your Soul Drove Your Life?


I have a confession...

After completing an intensive 40 day meditation plan, I realized my soul--which I believe is God individualized--wasn't completely driving my life. My soul had one foot in the driver's side and my ego was straddling the console grabbing and grasping at the wheel. You could imagine how difficult it could be to drive! There was a constant standstill.

Moving the Ego to the Back Seat...

My ego insisted, "Who are you?" "You are too young. Not spiritual enough. Not smart enough. You have dyslexia, remember? You won't be supported." On and on the excesses went. I worried about my reputation. I went to graduate school to be a professional mental health counselor, and now I want to talk about multidimensional realities and spirituality?! My ego tried to convince me that I would be a laughing stock or worse! It wanted me to give up. How has your ego been crashing your life?

The constant barrage of the ego's fears echoed so loudly and frequently that I didn't even remember I had given up my dream--my life really. The ego said it was better and safer this way.

Only Allow Your Soul to Drive!

However, the day after my 40 day meditation plan, I received an email from Hay House about their writer's course. I felt something deep within my bones. I knew I had to go. This voice felt like my Soul, the part of me that isn't about me, but is about God coming through me, stating His/Her will. So, I've declared that from that day forward only my Soul, connected to God, can now drive my life. It was a wake up call! And let me tell you, I feel a new level of freedom.

You Can Have an Honest Conversation with Yourself...

Due to this wake up call to declare only my Soul can drive my life, I invite you now to have an honest conversation with yourself. What fears has your ego been brainwashing you with? What are your real dreams, inspirations, heart's longings, and aspirations? What do you long for above all else, that maybe you have actively been trying to dissuade yourself of even longing for it out of fear that it's not attainable? How can you feel more alive? And most importantly, how would things be different if your soul drove your life? 

You Can Realize Your Soul's Dreams

I'm here to validate and normalize that enough is enoughYou can live your life more fully! You can be alive! You can absolutely without a shadow of a doubt realize your Soul's dreams, if only you have the courage to let go of control and to give the wheel over to your Soul. Yes, this means trusting in the process of life...this also means accepting that you will "fail" from time to time. And, yes it does mean that you will be vulnerable. But, isn't a life of realizing your dreams worth it?

I encourage you to give yourself a fighting chance to be full and vibrant and to give your life meaning.

You Are Always Supported

The good news is that you are always supported! God and the Universe gave you all of the resources, angels, people and ideas you need to allow your Soul to drive. I am here for you too. I not only am on this Soul driven journey as well, but I am highly sensitive to energies and have worked with thousands of clients both in a clinical setting (as a mental health counselor) and as an angel and energy healing practitioner. Together we can realize your dreams! We can work to empower your Soul to take the wheel and to have the courage to send your ego to the back seat.

From my years of experience and from the current research we know that 12 sessions is the minimum for long lasting therapeutic changes to occur. Thus, in honor of us jumping in with both feet, you can enjoy 15% off a 12 pack of individual sessions with me. This offer is for a limited time only. Now is the time!

Kari Halvorson, MSComment