We All Have Professional Shortcomings

Many times- sometimes daily- my human wants to give up on my dream and calling of being a spiritual light. I think, "who am I?" and " I FXXXed that up yet again."

I'll never forget when I was only a couple of months into starting my spiritually based practice when I sent out my first-ever group email advertising an event. Sadly, there was a processing error. Oh the things I didn't know and still don't know!

Right away I got hateful emails reprimanding my mistake. One such email was particularly hurtful, and I must admit I cried and thought about giving up on my whole business right then and there.

While I surely made a mistake people can be very mean, unforgiving, and un-understanding of the growth curve of running a business. Now, it seems this event was a cruel initiation of the stark reality that messing up, judgments, or worst being judgmental of myself, is the name of the game when owning a biz. It can sucks!

This is why being a biz owner, especially if your training is in your modality and not in marketing or business, can be extremely scary and challenging. Every un-subscription, un-follow, un-like, etc. can feel like a personal devaluation and rejection. It takes courage and determination. 

Almost daily, I'm reminded of my short comings both professionally and personally. While I now have a full time practice--almost five years after that horribly, embarrassing event-- my ego reminds me still of my shortcomings. "I miss spelled that...another person stopped following me...why do I only have a hundred and some followers? Publishers want to see thousands. Maybe no one wants to hear my messages after all. It's a fool's earned."   

We don't know what we don't know, unfortunately. Sometimes we have to simply dive in and pray we can swim. Added to the currents is in this day and age of constant marketing and bombardment, people are even less tolerant. It's a dog eat dog world. This can be so discouraging for healers and highly sensitive people especially--who like myself don't have a business mind--but genuinely want to share their healing gifts to help others. Their (and probably even you too!) intuition, emotional intelligence, compassion, and gifts are needed even more right now, but may not be heard in the social media sea. 

Even if you aren't a healer you may have felt minimized and/or reminded of your shortcomings. We have all been there. It's not fun and at times it's painful. It doesn't feel good to be judged, to feel our shortcomings are exposed for all to see, or to courageously be vulnerable and heartfelt to simply be slapped down. 

In fact, maybe at this moment--yep right now--take a deep breath. A-H-H-H-H. 

I also want to forgive those people and myself. It's all an opportunity to grow.  

In fact, I'm in awe that I'm still in business. It's been the most stressful and humbling thing I've ever done. When meditating, however, it's because "my" work isn't really mine. It's the Universe's gift through me. The Universe keeps thrusting, whether I like it or not. There is nothing like helping people transform, come into their best versions, and make their goals come true. It's the most rewarding work there is. In the end the work is never about me, and it's none of my business what other people think about me. It's about being a humble, clear, vessel. 

Maybe you too feel this push and I pray the Universe also gives you the strength to keep moving forward. Despite it's difficulty, we need the new visionaries, creatives, and leaders--the true you to shine!!! 

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As always, it's my greatest intention to be of the highest service for your awakening process. I'm sending your good vibes and love. May you awaken to thrive in all areas of your life and have the courage to keep moving forward with your dream.