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Dear Universe,

I wanted to say hello...I figured we don't say "hello" enough...why not?

Why hello beautiful, precious being of mine! I've been waiting for you.

O yeah? Why is that?

Because you and I are one in the same. You are me and I am you. You were birthed from me, and I've been oh so missing you.

You have been missing lonely, old me? Really?

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Don't Feed Your Monsters

An amazing supervisor, mentor, and I like to think friend, recently encouraged me to not feed my accomplishment monster.

What she meant by accomplishment monster is that I have an insatiable hunger that wants to perform. The more it's fed, the more it demands!  

While accomplishing can be good and fine--and in many instances required--the accomplishment monster craves for the outcomes and adds extra, unnecessary stress and pressure; thereby, making manageable projects overwhelming and taking much, more effort. It creates a downward spiral.  

Perhaps this obsession with accomplishing originated in elementary school, where I was diagnosed with dyslexia and often felt stupid. Thus, the birth of the accomplishment monster, who insisted, "If I'm not as smart, then I'll try 150% harder and accomplish the world to fit in. If only then, I'll be good enough."

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