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We All Have Professional Shortcomings

Many times- sometimes daily- my human wants to give up on my dream and calling of being a spiritual light. I think, "who am I?" and " I FXXXed that up yet again." I'll never forget when I was only a couple of months into starting my spiritually based practice when I sent out my first-ever group email advertising an event. Sadly, there was a processing error. O the things I didn't know and still don't know!

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What to Do During a Crisis of Faith

Recently a friend and I shared our crisis of faith stories. Both of us do rigorous, self help work, magick, and energy work on ourselves and our lives. We believe, believe, and believe...

But what many metaphysical practitioners don't tell you, is what to do when you have a crisis of faith. What if you are doing your affirmations, processing, doing rituals, reading cards, connecting with your Higher Self and loving spirit guides, and putting all of this hard work in, but still not seeing the results?

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