Have you ever experienced nirvana--not induced by anything other than your own connection with Source / God? 

That's exactly what happened to me when I was 16 years old. On that auspicious day, I experienced oneness. I experienced God. 

It is with equal respect and the desire to normalize and share this experience for your benefit that I herein describe this experience. It is frequently difficult for me to share, because it isn't about me, but about God. I don't like sharing it out of fear of being misunderstood or coming across as braggart. Yet, I feel Spirit wants us to be more open, so that others feel more supported in their awakening process. 

While this experience was surely extra-ordinary, it was still ordinary; meaning, everyone at one point during a lifetime (either this one or a proceeding one) will experience an awakening episode or a few. It is our destiny and part of the awakening process.

The morn of my 16th year, I woke with this un-explicit knowing that there was darkness in me that wasn't my correct, Divine nature. Thus, I began praying. I asked God insistently to clear all that wasn't God's and to only be a clear vessel of His/Her, Divine Light. I prayed this over and over. 

Then during honors chemistry class, I heard in my mind a load pop. 

It rang clearly. Pop! 

Orgasmic energy surged through my spine and then, my perception of the whole room was that it became one in bright, white light. There was no separation of me, or anything, from this encompassing shine. I could not feel a body or think, or perceive time or space. It was a being-ness of oneness. God.

Then the school bell rang, bring me back to a semi-ordinary reality. Yet, I could see auras, entities, demons, angels, and the energy exchange between people and things; despite never studying these phenomenon as of yet. Everything looked like watercolors and I could hear heavenly music. I was not afraid. On the contrary, I was bliss-ed, and knew all was well and as it should be.

I knew that as humans our only mission is to be vessels of light, to fiercely love each other, and to dedicate ourselves to God. We are always protected and Divinely guided, by both our inner guiding light, the angels, and God. We only need to declare our will and then all seemingly "badness" can't touch us. 

Thankfully these visions only lasted for a month or less--time was hard for me to tell. Yet, I still can feel those realms and energies, and subsequently have been given the great honor and gift to be an intuitive and healer. 

This spontaneous, awakening episode was the first of several different ones, you can read about them by subscribing and getting my eBook at www.karihalvorson.com/subscribe

It taught me of God, and solidified my purpose of being of service. 

You may have had awakening episodes and not even know it. Some are unpleasent, and I believe, sadly misdiagnosed as pathologies, rather than natural awakening experiences. 

It is my hope that one day this will become more normalized and that people will be taught and given the proper tools to not only survive, but to also thrive. 

If you want to talk with me about your or my awakening episodes, I would be oh so delighted and honored. You can write me at kari@awakeningtothrive.com.  

Also, if you would like guidance and to see how we could work together on your personal journey, please feel free to schedule a no cost, no commitment, phone consultation with me at karihalvorson.youcanbook.me. I blend traditional, grounded psychoanalysis and techniques, with intuition and energy work for a truly unique and transformative, gentle, awakening experience. 

You are loved beyond all measure, awakening being. You are one with God.