Hyperdimensional Enmeshment Between Intimate Partners

What is Hyperdimensional Induction & Enmeshment?

Through intense self-reflection and observing my clients’ hyperdimensional wellness, I have come to believe that our relationshipsespecially intimate relationshipsnot only impact our mental and social health, but all aspects of ourselves, including hyperdimensional aspects. This occurs through what I call hyperdimensional induction, which is similar to osmosis. Energy works to create balance within relationships, and our energy fields, or hyperdimensional aspects, seek to find a level ground for the interactions. In other words, if one’s vibration is higher than another’s, and those two spend a lot of time together (especially intimately), then the person with the higher vibration will begin to fill in the “holes” of the other person’s energy field. Conversely, the recipient may feel challenged to raise his or her vibration to connect on a more mutual level. Over time, their energy fields balance to a similar vibration.

While hyperdimensional induction is a natural law of physics and energetics, it may be harmful for one or both parties involved if done unconsciously or with poor hyperdimensional boundaries. In this case, hyperdimensional enmeshment may occur. Too much time or proximity during which hyperdimensional induction occurs or where there is an inappropriate codependency can exacerbate hyperdimensional enmeshment. Often, I see hyperdimensional cords between enmeshed couples. These cords, even at a distance, act to bind the couple, and they may leak energy to one another, inadvertently control their partner’s energy, or suck each other’s life force. Hyper-dimensionally enmeshed couples use each other as surrogate for their life force rather than connecting directly with Source.

Unfortunately, women are at particular risk because we are more enculturated to to give to others at the cost of our well-being. Moreover, through sex, we create doorways of vulnerability for hyperdimensional cords to attach within our wombs, second chakras, and kundalini, all of which cords love to feed off. Once these cords are inside one’s kundalini, they become particularly difficult to remove. This is because they become so entangled in our life force channel.  


Symptoms of Hyperdimensional Enmeshment


Here are some symptoms that could indicate we have become energetically entangled:


  1. Tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, sadness, or depression. This occurs because we are giving our energy to someone else, or uplifting/muscling another’s field, and also attempting to raise another’s vibration to bridge the energetic gap.

  2. A sensation of the partner being “inside” of us all the time. There is no individual energetic or psychic space, and the other person’s feelings, thoughts, or energy signatures may be intruding our energy field. There is no ability to distinguish between where one person begins and the other ends, the lines become more and more diffuse. One may feel they can never remove the other person from their being or head. Often, there are feelings of telepathyknowing what the other is doing or feelingand in extreme instances, personality changes occur to become more like our partner.   

  3. We are compelled to spend all possible time with the other partner. We may blow off responsibilities, self time, or other friends to spend with our partner. Ironically, to the “giver,” they may feel better around their partner, because their life force is inside of their partner. This may give him or her a temporary respite from depletion, yet at the cost of reinforcing the entanglement.  

  4. Loss of self. We may lose our sense of self except in relation to our partner. We may also lose our own sense of connection to Source.

  5. Compromised immune system, or the onset or worsening of illnesses. This is likely because our life force is being rerouted to our partner, rather than to ourselves for our health and healing. Many of my clients in hyper-dimensionally-enmeshed relationships report more illnesses and the feeling that they are “dying.” This could be a reality if we continue to give away our life force.

  6. Low or no sex drive, while our partner’s may be high. As stated previously, cords may be more strongly implanted and reinforced through sex because that is how they intrude our energy fields and entangle with the kundalini. Also, because our sexual drive is directly linked with our vitality and life force, if one's life force is depleted, our sex drive may be also. Despite a low sex drive, we may still feel pulled in by the our partner to engage in sexual activity because there is some unconscious drive for both parties to enforce the enmeshment.

  7. Difficulty with saying “no.”

  8. Conflicting emotions toward our partner.

  9. And more


Causes of Hyperdimensional Enmeshment


As stated before, our hyperdimensional aspects naturally move to create equality or homeostasis through induction, especially when we spend a lot of time and close proximity with someone. It’s similar to the saying “you become like that which you surround yourself with, and this occurs emotionally, mentally and energetically or hyper-dimensionally. That said, there are four main reasons one partner will “martyr” his or her life force for the other:


(1) Both partners involved are fearful of loneliness. The “martyr” may be fearful that he or she doesn’t deserve better or isn’t good enough without giving away part of his or her life force. The other partner may be afraid of being alone, so has a need to “own” his or her partner in someway.

(2) There is karma between the couple.

(3) Both are afraid of their potentials, so they stagnate together. One or both partners may be fearful of connecting directly to Source, so they receive life force through their partner. Or, one partner may be afraid of being left behind vibrationally, so they hitch a ride on the other partner’s energetic coat tails.

(4)   The dark matrix created trauma in both of them and eats off of the hyperdimensional enmeshment , and where both would be less likely to reach their potentials and thus remain stuck to be slaves to the dark matrix. Stay tuned for more writings on the “dark matrix” by subscribing to my newsletter.  


“Curing” Hyperdimensional Enmeshment


    While the topic of hyperdimensional enmeshment may sound bleak, the good news is that no one is really a victim. Even the seeming “aggressor” is acting out the same fears as the “martyr,” but their responses are different. Nevertheless, both co-create their entanglement, which only occurs where healing needs to take place, and where there is darkness or unconscious energy. In this way, the dark matrix points out what we need to heal, and where we need to bring consciousness and light. This is a gift!

Also, I believe that all people have power over their minds, bodies, and spirits, and we can choose Source over maladaptive situation that are no longer serving our highest good. We can create clear and helpful boundaries on all dimensions.

Throughout our lives we enact various roles to remember who we are. Love, which  helps us reclaim sovereignty, is always the answerlove for ourselves and others. Love is light, consciousness, truth, and grace from Source.

If you desire, I can support your process through individual and/or couple sessions, both in-person and over the phone, where I actively create and hold a sacred space for you.


Blessings on your Awakening To Thrive journey!


Love, Kari