When I was a young child the surf swept me out to sea.

It tossed me all around...was I up, down, or sideways? I had no idea.

I fought against the current to no avail. Gulping for air. Spitting and sputtering salt water. 

Panic struck. Was this it? Was I going to be ok? 



"What?" I thought. Water plugged my ears. 

"Stand" roaring water....

"Stand up!" 

I wondered, "What do you mean; stand up? Of course I can't! The sea has overtaken me!" 

"Stand up!" Dad insisted. 

Finally, when I thought that was it and I couldn't hold my breath any longer, to my shock and surprise, I stood up! And, to top it off, I was only in two feet of water!

Such is life. Often we think we are way over our heads. We toss and turn, while all along thinking the worst. We loss ourselves. We don't believe in ourselves, or our Father/Mother Source--that it has our best interest. Mean while, we are blinded, not even knowing all we need to do is stand up! or in emotional terms, be one with Source. We don't really have to do much but meet the Source half way, believe, and stand for a cause.   

Ahhh, the believing part can be the most difficult part...

Sometimes we wait till it seems like the last resort. Do we have to do that any more? 

In what ways have you weathered the emotional storms of your life? How have you believed, despite it seeming--from your perspective--devastating...? What reminds you to believe?