Essential Oil Class 101


Three Ways to Order Young Living Products


1.) Become a Retail Customer

This option is GOOD because you get the awesome products. This option may be a good fit for you if you just want one product and don't plan on ordering any other products.

2.) Become a Member

This option is GREAT and better than option #1 if you want to order more than a product or two, because with this option you get:

  • An awesome starter kit (50% off their top 10 best products)
  • 24% OFF all orders
  • Discounted shipping 
  • No minimum order requirements or fees 

And, if you join my oil team (using sponsor and enroller number 3122109) I'll send you a welcome packet and some other gifts. I'll also be available for any questions. 

3.) Become a Member & Join Essential Rewards ---BEST!!!

This is the BEST option for the majority of people because you get:

  • 24% off all orders
  • discounted shipping
  • free gifts periodically
  • 10% points back on purchases (which then progresses over time!)
  • can cancel at any time 
  • (if you join my team (use #3122109 for sponser and enroller) than I'll mail you a welcome packet and be available for mentorship
  • to spend the money you would be spending anyway on better products 

To give you an idea of this last option....IMAGINE....

You walk into Costco’s membership sign-up area and say, “Hi, I would like you to put together your top ten products and give them to me at 50% off as my initial membership fee [the premium starter kit]. Then, that measly 2% cash back you’re offering with an up-sale of a double initial membership fee, I want you to waive that fee and give me 10% points back right away and consecutively more percentage back over time. Oh and also, I want free products periodically.”

What do you think the clerk would do? They would laugh and point towards the door.

Well, guess what?

Young Living’s Essential Rewards does give you all of that! They’re like Costco, cash back credit cards, and rewards members all wrapped up in one.

And, best of all, the average household spends around $150 on cleaning products, supplements, and personal care products. So with Young Living Essential Rewards--which is an automated shipping service of 50PV or more (you can change and choose the products each month)--you’re likely not spending more each month, but getting better, safer, and healthier products that are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And, with all of those rewards pilling up over time you’re probably even saving!

Also, there’s no cancellation, hidden, or re-start fees. I’ll even call customer services for you, if you choose to cancel or take a break at any time.

Most importantly, with Essential Rewards you’re committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle. It’s like eating veggies and fruit. We all know they’re good for us, but if you eat one, once, will that be life changing? No. But, if you continually eat veggies and fruit for nine month, do you think you’ll notice a difference?


Oils and the oil infused lifestyle product lines, such as the: cleaning supplies, supplements, kid-o and baby stuff, makeup, skincare, etc. provide you with that opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

Which option will you choose?