How to Embody the Universal, Christ Light This Holiday Season


Have you noticed a collective, vibrational shift lately? Many highly sensitive people describe a snow and ice like bright, piercing, and clarifying wave of light anchoring on Earth during the last few weeks.

To me—and I don’t know much—it feels, cool, crisp, and purifying; sorta a no spiritual BS….It’s rather strong and I get a deep knowing that it’s the non-denominational, Christ Light for several reasons:

  1. it magnifies when talking with the True Jesus,

  2. Jesus holographically appears at times when feeling this Light, and

  3. three or so highly sensitive energy workers have reported feeling a similar thing.

The message received from this Christ Light energy seems to be to simplify. Get clear on our spiritual priorities. Be love. Know God. Be of the highest service for God or the True one Source. Nothing else matters.

After feeling this energetic, Light blessing it felt as though some old priorities simply froze away and the following priorities became crystal or shall I say, “Ice” clear.

  1. GOD— my number one priority is God. It has to be always God. How can I know God more? How can I raise my vibration and will to be in alignment with God’s? How does each action, thought, breath, energy, help in the process of both personal and collective enlightenment, i.e. knowing God?

  2. FAMILY—my second priority that the Christ Light helped make “ice clear” is my family. How can I be a good daughter and doggie mom? How can I be the partner worthy of the partner who’s coming into my life? How can I become the mother God wants me to be for my future children? And, how can I not only honor my ancestors, but also burn and transmute the lineage karma?

  3. BROTHERS & SISTERS—while I don’t literally have biological brothers and sisters, every one I come in contact with is a brother or sister. We’re all from Source. How can I aid humanity? How can I be of the highest service for every person I come into contact with? “God, let me be a vessel of Christ Light and let this light shine to heal and enlighten the lives of all I come into contact with.”

  4. FREEDOM—my fourth priority that the Christ Light helped illuminate is be free. To be free of socioeconomic poverty and discrimination, to be free of negativity and self limiting thoughts, to be free of the darkness, to be free to be my authentic self in all ways, always. And most important to be free to do Source’s will or to follow my intuition which is God’s voice in all ways always.

As you may be able to see, to me Jesus isn’t about a religion. Far from it. Jesus is greater. He’s about a universal, highly ascended spirit, profit, teacher—the purist energy known to humanity—who shines the way for us back home—heaven on earth.

For I share with you what the Christ Light made so ice clear for me about priorities, so you may be inspired to embrace the Christ Light because when you really get clear about your life priorities, every thing else is small stuff. You can let it go. You act in more accordance with what’s real and true. You literally have a life map. How might embodying Christ Light benefit you this holiday season?

Here’re three tips (3 being the Christ number and the holy trinity) to help you embody the Christ Light:

  1. Pray & Meditate

  2. Visualize Golden Light or Christ Light filling your whole body and extending about a foot or two everyday for several minutes

  3. Do small acts of unconditional love or love every day

How are you embodying Christ Light this holiday season? I would love to hear, what life priorities the Christ Light helps crystallize for you.

Kari Halvorson, MS1 Comment