How to Consecrate Your Oracle Cards

(i.e. to attune your deck to the Light for accurate, detailed, and helpful readings)

Oracle decks can powerfully help us tap into our intuitions that are in alignment with our HIgher Selves (and thus also Universal Life Force energy or God). Particularly, I use oracle decks daily for my clients and myself with amazing accuracy. Part of the accuracy, I believe, is due to the consecration process, or spiritual attuning. This process energizes and blesses the cards, dedicates them to be of the highest service, and infuses them with a type of “white magic.” Decks that have been consecrated literally vibrate in my hands and loving direct the intuitive oracle card readings. Whereas, unconsecrated decks can feel lifeless and even have sticky or negative energy from the manufacturing plant, shipment, or store. Therefore, I believe before using an oracle deck, it is imperative to consecrate it.


So, how does one consecrate an oracle deck? There are lots of ways; yet, it seems that in any way, the first step is to have a clear and assertive intention, which will be explained below. Other than that, you may use your intuition or inner wisdom and “listen” or feel into what the deck needs. This may seem different at first, but over time and with practice this will become more evident, as the deck could take on it’s own type of essence or energy signature. Additionally practice always helps too! Here are some easy ways, or steps, to consecrate your oracle decks:


  1. Holding a Clear Intention

    1. As stated, intention is everything when consecrating. Intend or pray that your deck be used only for the best and highest good and provide detailed and accurate information. You may also ask your guardian angels, Higher Self, loving spirit guides, and God to help you bless this deck.

  2. Smudging & Spraying

    1. After intending and invoking divine help, you may also burn sage or spray Young Living essential oils to help clear the deck and bless forth any negative or inappropriate energy. (I only recommend Young Living essential oils because of their quality and vibration. To learn how to purchase YL essential oils and/or how to make a clearing spray, please see my other articles).

  3. Knocking

    1. Within Doreen Virtues’ oracle decks, she explains that you may hold the deck with your non-dominate hand and take your dominate fist to knock on the deck. While doing so, imagine any negative or stagnant energy dispersing out from below the deck. I like to do the “knock” three times and after every reading, especially if someone else touches the cards.

  4. Getting to Know Your Deck

    1. The next step would be to one-by-one look through all of the cards, touch them individually, and introduce yourself. I also like to thank them for the profound work they will be doing. Gratitude is a high vibrational frequency. I also like to pay attention to any initial reactions, thoughts, or feelings I have to each card. This can provide me with a type of “road map” for how to interpret the cards later on in readings.  

  5. Heart Enveloping

    1. After getting to know your deck, you may hold it to your heart center, in the middle of your chest. Then feel your heart chakra open up and enveloping the deck. Sense and feel loving energy from your heart chakra blessing, surrounding, and infusing the deck. You may even imagine a shining light with a color or colors. I believe this is a powerful step, because our heart chakra intersects between our connection with Mother Earth and Heaven, and brings those two worlds into the Earthly plane.

  6. Reiki Attunement

    1. Yet another possible way to consecrate your deck is to give it a Reiki attunement. Reiki directly channels “Universal Life Force energy” or high, divine chi. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki or about going through the training and receiving Reiki Attunements yourself, you may pursues my other articles or contact me.

  7. Using a Pendulum

    1. If you aren’t Reiki Attuned, another option is to hold a consecrated pendulum above your deck. Without moving it one way or another, see if the pendulum natural moves clockwise or counterclockwise. If it has a hearty clockwise swing, your deck is well consecrated and charged! It’s in the natural pause of life. If it does not move or swings counterclockwise, however, you may want to move the pendulum clockwise for a while. Then test the deck again, in the same manner. Continue as needed.   

  8. Sleeping with the Deck

    1. This next step of consecrating your deck may sound different, but I find when I sleep with a new deck under my pillow for a night or two, it helps strengthen a special bond between it and me. It also soaks in some of my energy, similar to a homeopathic drug, which I believe this increases its accuracy when working with me. You may give it a try too.

  9. Storing it in a Special Space and Handling it Care

    1. Part of consecrating your deck is dedicating it for the sacred purpose-- to help bring in divine Truth. Therefore, treating it with reverence is key. You may keep it in a special drawer or box, keep it wrapped in a scarf, or keep it on your altar. Placing a consecrated crystal on top of it may continue to charge your deck as well.  

  10. Charging it Under a Full Moon

    1. In addition to storing your deck with reverence, you may also want to charge it under a full moon. This can be done by simply placing it, under a full moon, in a windowsill.


There you have it; 10 steps and different ways to help you consecrate your oracle deck. Above all else listen to your intuition. You may also use many of these steps on other magical tools, such as on crystals, essential oils, feathers, and wands. If you have any more questions, check out my other articles, or book an intuitive session with me at Blessings on your Awakening To Thrive journey.