Emerging with Mother Mary & Jesus Christ's Heart


The following is an exert from my upcoming book Awakening to Thrive!

“Dear God, we ask for infinite Divine guidance that’s detailed, accurate and in the best and highest good for Kelly to know. We ask that You wrap us in Your infinite protective arms as we embark on this soul insight and healing journey. Please, only send Your loving angels that are in our best and highest good to work with and revoke all negative or inappropriate energies. We specifically ask for supernatural health and spiritual blessings. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

Kelly and I silently contemplated, while invoking God’s grace and guidance. The particles in the room seemed to expand. Chills swept up and down our arms.

“Do you feel that?” Kelly whispered.

“I sure do.” I responded. A sense of gentle nourishment embraced us.

“We aren’t alone,” Kelly acknowledged.

“We sure aren’t...Kelly, may I ask who it is?”...Kelly nodded. The presence felt strong. What a sacred encounter.

“Who are you and what do you want Kelly to know?”

An aberration filled with lovely light blue mist and then a semi-transparent Mother Mary drifted towards us with her arms wide open.

Jaw dropped, somehow a mumble of “Dearest Mother Mary, thank you for your blessed presence” fumbled out.

“I feel her too,” explained Kelly! 

Mother Mary floated closer.

The light radiated around her and particularly through her heart. Waves of serine love and gentleness swept through Kelly and my bodies, as if healing and nourishing us on every level.

With swelling eyes and a shaking low voice, Kelly stated she felt loved and good enough. This was particularly impactful for her because we’re working on her ability to care and love herself more.

Whom a better teacher than the Mother of Jesus herself?!

Mary’s message rang clear--we’re all infinitely, spiritually loved. Our real nature is that we’re lovable and loving beings. Our vary individuation of God nature makes us worthy.

While Mother Mary’s messages and energetic blessings moved us to tears, Jesus also began to appropriate!



His arms, similarly opened, and his heart center shown bright, blindingly gold.

What Christ Light!

He’s presences was soft and loving.

When we asked Jesus what his message was for us, he presented a series of sheep images. His care of the sheep marked unparalleled love and attendance.

Then his heart center shone even brighter and both Mother Mary and Jesus simultaneously presented to enter Kelly and my heart centers until our hearts filled the room.

They entered our hearts!  

Any other hyper-dimensional being I wouldn’t recommend allowing to enter one’s energy body, but I completely trust Mother Mary and Jesus. Their energies radiated intensely.

Kelly and I buzzed. Our hearts, born again, ablaze with the omnipresent and unconditional love of Mother Mary and Jesus.

While difficult to explain, we were markedly different.   

Thank you so much for reading about my experience. It’s difficult to share something so sacred and personal, but it’s my hope that it helps open up the possibilities for others and normalizes that we ARE spiritual beings who are greatly loved!

If you feel so moved, I could greatly use your support in publishing this book. I need to raise seven thousands dollars. Every bit, no matter how much, really helps! Thank you!

Kari Halvorson, MSComment