Dear Universe,

I wanted to say hello...I figured we don't say "hello" enough...why not?

Why hello beautiful, precious being of mine! I've been waiting for you.

Oh yeah? Why is that?

Because you and I are one in the same. You are me and I am you. You were birthed from me, and I've been oh so missing you.

You have been missing lonely, old me? Really?

Indeed. You are my star. My Light. My child. You are the most precious thing to me. 

Then why have you forsaken me?

Whatever do you mean?

You left me during my hardest times. Where were you when I was poor and almost homeless? Or when my partner broke up with me, leaving me devastated? Or, when my dreams turned out to be nothing more than that--a false dream? You disappointed me. You abandoned me. 

Why never! You refused to call on me and to believe in yourself, which is me during those moments. You forgot your greatness and thus your infinite universal potential. Because you forgot, I prayed for you to pray to say hello...and here you are! Thus, here and there I was and am! For you see, it's only your folly and your falls illusion of separateness that makes those experiences of suffering. You do not have to suffer anymore.

How can I not suffer anymore in a horrible world?

You can love and pray. Yes, meditate on these words daily. "LOVE" and "pray." For when you love yourself and your brothers and sisters, you love the great I AM. The Universe, and you create Heaven on earth. This is your mission and the key to peace. Simple in a way. But, again, your mind, or the dark one, my trick you into believing in separation. Thus, always pray for my help and I will be there. Keep faith. Never give up. Be strong, or at least believe in my strength through you; yet again, these are one in the same. The Universe runs through your veins. 

Thank you, Universe.

You are welcome. And thank you, Universe.