What to Do During a Crisis of Faith

Recently a friend and I shared our crisis of faith stories. Both of us do rigorous, self help work, magic, and energy work on ourselves and our lives. We believe, believe, and believe...

But what many metaphysical practitioners don't tell you, is what to do when you have a crisis of faith. What if you are doing your processing, rituals, reading cards, connecting with your Higher Self and loving spirit guides, and putting all of this hard work in, but still not seeing the results?

This reminds me of a story in the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon described a man who struck gold during the gold rush and then shortly afterwords the mine ran dry. He kept digging. He dug, dug, and dug. But nothing. He then sold his equipment and retreated. The man who he sold the equipment to, hired an expert to survey the land and found the fault line had moved. The man only had to dig three more feet! He became wealthy. 

This story illustrates the importance of determination and a deep desire to achieve one's dreams. If there is an iota of disbelief our subconsciousness can sabotage our whole excavation. 

I get it. When we have been digging like dogs for days, months, and even years, our faith can wane. It can be easy to be discouraged, to go to that negative self-talk, and to want to give up. However, I truly believe this is often the time that's telling us we are almost there! Similar to being burned out and exhausted near the final few yards of a race. Now is the time to keep pushing and to push the most! 

Sadly, there isn't a quick fix. The Universe loves to not tell us the "hows." Ohhh...our ego so wants to know the hows to then be able to have faith. But, unfortunately, that's not how dreams come true. The Universe needs to know we will give it our all and take that leap--even when the evidence isn't there. And, funny enough often that's when the "hows" simply fall in place. We don't even need to know them or bother ourselves with them, once we have utter faith! 

You have to believe in the seemingly impossible with all your might, or in the Infinite of the Universe. It's as if the Universe is testing us to see if we really want our dreams. After all we live in a free choice world. Do you really want abundance or do you want to suffer? Do you really want to change or would you rather stay in this familiar place?

Our beliefs are a constellation of our thoughts, and are incredibly magnetic, powerful and magical. Thereby, we must become conscious of our thoughts that create our beliefs; to only harbor loving, affirming, and constructive thoughts. In other words, by mastering our thoughts we can rewire our beliefs to be in alignment with faith. Then faith helps us open up the path for our dreams to actualize. Faith is also having confidence of Spirit running through you. Only with faith can you be able to keep moving forward--to dig those three more feet. (And perhaps with a trusted guided too. We all need help.) 

If I can be of any guidance, please schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see our goodness of fit in doing counseling/healing work together. Collaboratively we can work toward your goals and dreams. It is possible! To schedule go to: karihalvorson.youcanbook.me.  

We would love to hear how you deal with your crisis' of faith. We all get them from time to time. Please share below!