Channeling from Mother Earth about the Years 2019~2029



A few weeks ago my friend asked me to do an intuitive reading for him and so I “dropped in” and “tuned in.” I asked God what was in his best and highest good to know.

Surprisingly, instead of hearing Spirit, I heard Mother Earth!

She not only had a message for us but also for all of humanity.

Then the other day, I met with a friend for tea and she shared she’s been getting the exact same messages from Mother Earth!


By now, I’ve learned to pay attention to synchronicity and her confirmation enticed me to feel like I must share my channeling from Mother Earth, even if it’s not pleasant.

Again, please be warned. Unlike my other writings which are very uplifting, some of what Mother Earth spoke about can be quite scary. Once you hear it, you won’t be able to un-hear it. These aren’t my thoughts, but again her messages. Thus, if you rather stop reading now, that’s quite alright.

However, if you do want to hear her message and imperative call to action on several fronts, read on.


Mother Earth spoke about how up until now she’s been relatively asleep; yet, in the last few years the pollution and lack of our respect has become too much for her to bare.

She stated this is greatly unfortunate because we could easily symbiotically live together in harmony; much like the trees give us oxygen and we give them carbonation and so forth.

She went on to explain that we have messed with the natural give and take. We have taken more than we have given and we have been disrespectful. This not only hurts her, her animals and kingdom, but also it’ll come back to us ten fold.

She specifically pointed to our trash, GMOS, toxins in the water, air pollution, and antibiotics in our foods and livestock.

She went on to describe how much of this issue is also a sexist and mercenary one. She stated their are Lucifer leaders in governmental power who wish to destroy earth and the sacred feminine, because the feminine nature with in us all (male or female) is what can give back—it nurtures. It’s our healer. That’s why even though we have the technologies far beyond what most of us common folks could imagine, major world players continue to do ill will and we use systems that continue to destroy Mother Earth and the sacred feminine.

Mother Earth explained that how we treat her is a directly reflection of how we treat the scared feminine. If we treat Mother Earth and the scared famine within all women and an aspect within all men (humans have both aspects) as a reciprocal for our sh*t and continue to take advantage, posture our subconscious masagistic beliefs that we all have in the western world, we will destroy the law of reciprocity— the yin and yang or male and female balance and thereby create catastrophic havoc. This is again, what the Lucifer cultists desire. That’s why our creation story was twisted through history to demonize and make women the lessor sex.

She stated, before Lucifer cults—many of which have infiltrated government and surprisingly word religions—can destroy this balance for us all, and unless we’re able to make major improvements for ourselves, she’ll be doing a purging.

There’ll be major earth quacks, volcano eruptions and more natural disasters within the next ten years. This is her attempt to re-balance the scales. Many will likely die.

It’s important to not live near the coasts or volcanoes. Also, if you can, she stated we may want to learn survival techniques.

She also implored that we give back to her.

She’s very hungry.

And these small acts could turn the tables so that she won’t have to do the purging.

She stated ways in which we can give back to her are actually very simple; yet, very powerful. We can:

-give her and the her harvests thanks (i.e. pray over our food)

-purify and pray over her and our drinking water

-buy organic foods and support local sustainable farmers and ranchers

-protest the use of antibiotics

-raise our voices against sexism, racism, animal cruelty, and pollution

-live more simple and less materialist lives

-women can offer their menstrual blood back to the soil


-raise and love our own pets and chickens for eggs

-listen to her more…

She said the sacred feminine within all of us knows how to give back to her and nature her. This again is the key for restoring balance. We have this voice within us. We just have to listen and quite ourselves from our domestication. Perhaps making meditation a daily practice and limiting our exposure to social media and technology could help us better hear our inner sacred feminine voices and help heal the sacred masculine as well.

How will you give back to Mother Earth?

Kari Halvorson, MSComment