A Ritual for Spiritual Protection

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen realm. Like a broken mirror, there are shreds and pieces inappropriately reflecting dualism and separation. It is a realm of materialism and thus suffering. 

Holy cow? Right? 

Yet, here comes the Light...na..na..na. 

Here comes the light...it's all right...na...na..na... 

because you are awakening and thereby shining the Light! You hold the Christ Light in you to be the savor of your shredded, disseminated self; and to model the way for your brothers and sisters.


Darkness fears your Light. When you awaken you light up, and frequently that's when we get the most attacked psychically. Even darkness in the knocks and cranes of good people can reach out and try to sabotage awakening. The darkness wants us to stay asleep and is very much threatened by your Light, cause it will seize to exist... It'll try to reach you through any avenue. 

Again, while this can sound bleak, you have nothing to fear but of being seduced by the darkness to be afraid. That's the only way darkness can have control. 

Never fear! Always trust and always maintain faith in Source. Follow the One True Light. 

To help you maintain your courage and inner Light, here is a ritual to protect you from evil and malcontent, as you Light up the world, i.e. awaken. 

Please feel free to mix and change it up according to your religious and philosophical theologies. Above all else, listen to your Higher Self and inner Light, which is God individualized. 

You may begin by smudging, an ancient Native American tradition of cleansing the aura and your space. To smudge, simply light a sage stick and surround yourself with the smoke. You will probably want to open up a window.

While cleansing yourself and your space you can ask God, Jesus, and Archangel Michael to remove all negative and inappropriate energies and to bless it forth to the next best place. For example: 

"Dear God, please cleanse me and my space. Please remove all negative and inappropriate energies. If it is in the best and highest good, please send Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael and Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus [I like to say it three times to invoke them. You can also invoke others, but please be careful about who you invoke] to work on Your behalf--to cut any darkness away with his sword of Light and to be a spiritual warrior. I ask for this or something better. And so it is. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

Once you are done smudging and praying, you may light a candle. Then hold the candle to the Heavens. Again thank God and ask that He/She watch over and bless your protection ceremony and that only God's vibration, and that only his/her right angels and spirit guides that need to be present be invoked.  

Then thank the beings from the spirit realms who are working on God's behalf for you, by bring the candle down and bowing to the four directions and the ground (symbolizing Mother Earth's medicine). 

Next, place the candle down and take a seat. You may use a crystal wand or a stainless steal knife to carefully cut any etheric cords or attachments about a foot to two feet away from your body. 

You can close your eyes, focus on your breath and visualize God's Holy Spirit or Universal life force energy filling your longs. See this as golden light that then fills up your whole body, so much so that it radiates about two feet around you. Know that this energy is all purifying and healing, and that nothing that is not of the highest vibration and good may enter. All inappropriate or negative energies simply hits the outer edge of this golden bubble and then bounces off to their next best places.

Really attempt to feel the bubble. Stay in this space for as long as feels right. Often people feel extremely energized. 

Ask God and your angels to protect you and to keep your spiritual / psychic shield strong throughout the days and nights to come.

This is your golden shield.

Listen to your inner knowing as to when to do this ritual again. Or do whenever you feel drained, or that it is needed for whatever reason.  

When you are ready you can stand up. Shake your arms and legs while visualizing any final muddy energy shaking off and being recycled by Mother Earth. Sometimes it helps to exhale enthusiastically to really get it off...ugh...huh.  

If you know Reiki, you can even draw some of the sacred symbols in the room for protection. 

Continue in this space for as long as you like. 

Then pray,

"Dear Source, thank you for Your unlimited protection and safety. Please remove all negative and inappropriate energy and send it to its next best place, now and forever. Please send your Holy Spirit to wrap around me and protect me. Please send Your loving angels and spirit guides to protect me and guide me always. Thank you for Your strength, which allows me today to assert my will of only allowing Your vibration in and around me. I declare that only God energy may be around! All negative and inappropriate energy must leave now and forever! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is. Amen." 

You may now take several deep breaths and feel Source's strength, through you, co-creating with your will this protection blessing and shielding. 

Whenever you are ready, if you wish, you can take the candle and close the circle by going in the opposed direction that you went in the opening of the ceremony. 

Go ahead and blow out the candle. Then wash your hands under as cold of water as you can stand and anoint your heart chakra, neck and any needed area with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil--which is a known spiritual protector. [To learn how to order therapeutic grade essential oil you can click HERE.]

You can moreover wear Hematite or whole clove in your pocket for added protection through out the day.

If you do this powerful ritual, please let me know how it goes! Blessings!