7 Things Awakening People Do That Raises Their Vibration


Awakening is a term for spiritual and personal growth, or becoming more aware and integrated with one's multidimensional Self. 

While we are all destined to awaken and it's a natural and organic process, some of the signs can be challenging from time to time. You can read more about awakening signs HERE. 

To help you with those awakening signs, you will need to practice extreme self care and be diligent about raising your vibration.

What does it mean to raise your vibration? 

It means you elevate your energy--which includes all aspects of yourself: thoughts, physical wellness, emotions, and spirit--to be more in alignment with the Great Source, God, or Universe. When you raise your vibration or energy, you become one with your true state and thus sync up with the flow of the Universe, wellness, abundance, all that is good, etc. When your energy is low, on-the-other-hand, that's when ill-ness and suffering can wreak havoc.  

Here is a list of 7 things awakening people that raises their vibration:

  1. Smile: by simply smiling, even if one don't feel like it, our bodies begin to create feel good chemicals and it sends a feedback loop to our brains saying we are indeed happy. What helps you smile?

  2. Bathe: by bathing at least once a week with:

    1. one cup baking soda,

    2. two cups sea salt or Epson salt,

    3. activated crystals,

    4. and a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oils, we can cleans our auras and raise our energy bodies. To learn how to order essential oils, you can read HERE.

  3. Smudge: Smudging is a Native American ritual that really works! To smudge simply lite sage, ask God to clear you and your space from any negative or harmful energies, and to send them to their next best place, and to only allow God vibration in and around you and your home. It's a good idea to do this daily and particularly first thing when coming home or after a challenging situation.

  4. Pray and Meditate: People who are awakening pray and meditate daily and often several times a day. This is how we stay Heaven bond. Prayer is when we talk with God or the Universe. We can ask for what we want or better yet give it up to the best good. Meditation is just as important as prayer, and goes hand-in-hand with a balanced conversation. Meditation is how we listen to Spirit.

  5. Hydrate: People who are awakening realize the importance of taking care of their body, which is their soul's vehicle. Water not only helps our bodies physically, but is also very malleable to intention and prayer, and thus can raise one's vibration! You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, lemon, therapeutic grade essential oils (along with your intentions, energy work, and prayers!), and crystals (that of course you don't eat--and make sure to research safe ones) to really boost the water. To learn how to order digestible essential oils, please read HERE.

  6. Keep a Clean Home: In addition to smudging their homes regularly, awakening people keep a clutter free, inspiring, and natural environment. They realize that our environment greatly influences our energy and visa versa. Make sure to de-clutter and deeply clean monthly, only keep things that are either or both functional and meaningful, and only use non-toxic, environmentally and wellness friendly cleaning products. I love using Young Living's therapeutic cleaning products. You can also diffuse therapeutic essential oils to infuse even more high vibrations, purify the air, and improve mood! You can moreover place activated crystals around the home, and play 528 hz music in the background. Sea Salt lamps additionally create uplifting ions.

  7. Think Positively: People who are awakening only entertain thoughts that are God thoughts, or that are truthful and re-frame difficult situations into opportunities for growth. They are not victims and do not engage in any type of self-harm. They only engage in thoughts and activities that uplift them. They surround themselves with positive people, places, and entertainment. This isn't to say that they do not admit when there are challenges or are in denial. That can be just as harmful. Instead they are truthful, feel their emotions, and yet put a forward growing spin on their thoughts.

What do you do to raise your vibration???? Or what helps you feel good?