7 Resources for Starting & Growing Your Healing or Coaching Biz


Over the years of starting and growing my private healing practice as an intuitive and energy worker, many other holistic practitioners have asked me how I did it. 

With a lot of work and a fierce drive, and with the help of the following seven resources. I hope they help you too! I'm passionate about helping holistic practitioners succeed. You go! 

So, without further ado, here are my top seven resources, in no particular order:


This book was a game changer for me! I highly recommend it. Before this book, I was stuck--as far as online marketing--then this book was like a fresh breath of air. It taught me how to create good posts and use them to share what I can offer potential clients, and if they like it over time they may purchase my offerings. This book is a must for building up an email subscribers list and learning how to heart-fully educate potential customers about your services. Cause let's face it, the world is getting nosier and nosier on social media...


This book may seem like an odd choice for helping you start and grow your healing or coaching biz--not real estate--but the reason why I added this book to this list is that while it's all about money and real estate, it did teach me to think differently about money and that I can listen to my creativity in regard to business (even if it's to a healing biz)!



For years I wrongfully believed I needed to do everything on my own, and that hiring any help would be too expensive for my wallet. Man, was I wrong. If I've learned anything, it is to hire good help! Even if it's making a bit of a stretch at first. For instance, we HAVE to hire a good CPA or accountant, and it's always a good idea to work with a layer when setting up your business structure; but, it's also helpful to hire help around driving traffic to your social media platforms and with other odd end job. This will free up your time to delegate more tasks and to potentially thus make more money. I like using www.fiverr.com to hire contractors--everything from CPA's, web designers, SEO, social media advice, etc. 


Quickbooks Self-Employed 

This handy little app on your phone keeps track of all of your bank transactions and then to categorize them for your business expenses and tax filing. This will help your CPA better help you with your quarterly expenses and yearly review. Again, while there is an option to team up with self taxes on this app, I HIGHLY advice against doing your own taxes. It's like holding a loaded gun to your biz...in my opinion it's just not worth the liability. Pay the extra money and get a good CPA that you like working with, and this app can help you stay organized with your accounting. The best part is it's only $4.99 /mo. 


MailChimp or Constant Contact 

These email services (and others) allow you to automate your emails. One of my goals is to get five thousand subscribers, and I largely do this by offering a free eBook or video series upon subscription. Then automated emails deliver those free gifts, plus a welcoming message and description of what they can expect from my newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to mine for ideas: www.karihalvorson.com/subscribe . It may additionally be helpful to subscribe to others' newsletters for ideas. I also use automated emails for some of my online programs. P.S. 5K subscribers is my goal, because with only 1% purchasing offerings that can be some good money... For example, 50 people x $85 (session) = $4,250 / mo or 50 people x $19.99 (eBook) = $999.50 / mo. 



And, where do all of these people find your great content and then subscribe on to your newsletter (i.e. your email list)? Why your website of course! Having a great website is more important than ever. You can hire someone to do it for you on www.fiverr.com, but I like doing my own so I can change it around easily. I'm on my website adding posts or changing landing pages virtually every day. That is why I recommend that you create your own website and get familiar with it. But before I scare you off, if I a non-tech person can do it, then so can you. There are lots of beautiful and easy to use website templates these days. I like and use squrespace, but wix and godaddy hosting sites are also nice options. While WordPress is still the best for optimizing and for versatility, it is more techniqual, so I would only use this option if you were well versed in html or want to learn it. 


Living Your Medicine Path

Lastly, I'm going to do a shameless plug here...I truly believe that becoming educated on how to run a practice is essential. I wish someone could have taught me what I know now. It would have saved me SOOOO much time and wasted energy. That is why my number seven top resource is my (and a colleague's) online membership course. We share with you all of the essentials to starting and growing a practice. You can check it out here: www.LivingYourMedicinePath.com  

What are some of your favorite resources for starting and growing your healing or coaching biz? 

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