10 Steps To Start and Grow Your Healing or Coaching Practice


Do you want to start / grow a private, healing practice? You are either a(n): counselor, massage therapist, coach, Reiki practitioner, intuitive, acupuncturist, energy healing practitioner, card reader, shaman, nutritionist, holistic health practitioneror some kind of healer who has the training and certification. But now what? How do you translate your modality into a business? How do you live your medicine path

While this is quite the undertaking, below are 10 main steps you will need to do to start and grow your practice, and at the very end of the blog is a little known, bonus, BEST step!

1. Identifying Your Medicine

The first step is to identify your medicine. What do you do? Not just your modality, but how do you benefit others? What makes your work unique? Be specific. What is your heart's desire? 

Getting clear with what you want to do and where you want go, can be a powerful way to create a map for your professional goals. Right now I invite you to take out a pen and paper and write down if your dreams where to come true, where you would be in five years. Don't restrict yourself. Think BIG!  

2. Removing Boulders

The next step is to identify possible boulders. By identify the boulder you can be prepared and come up with a game plan. Gain the strength and resources to easily role them off your path. Some common boulders may include: lack of confidence, lack of money, fears, etc. At this moment, I invite you to make a list of your possible boulders, and of your strengths, resources, and possible solutions. Through this process you will gain the necessary know hows to overcome these boulders.

3. Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Once you have become clear on what your medicine is, and about how to possibly remove boulders, you may want to become clear about who your ideal clients would be. Learn how to heart-fully educate your potential, ideal clients about your medicine, so that they can benefit. Make and practice an effective elevator speech or what I call a "medicine statement," that specially speaks to your ideal clients. Keep it to around 20 seconds. A niche is everything! 

4. Accepting Money

The next step may be to become comfortable in asking for and receiving money. Often healers think of money as dirty or don't want to be sales-y. Yet, you deserve to be compensated for your efforts (and for your expertise that came from your training and background). By accepting money, you fill your cup so you can continue to give our medicine. Right now you can think about what a reasonable price for you medicine would be. What feels fair? What helps you be able to sustain yourself and the expenses of your business? Think about your bills, office rental costs, and other costs? Then you can practice or role play discussing and receiving money with a friend. 

5. Ethically Safeguarding Your Medicine

After becoming comfortable with money, and before opening shop, you will need to review your modality's ethics. You can consult with supervisors and your association's call-lines, and make sure your ideas are within the scope of your credentials--to both protect yourselves and your clients. You will also need to get insurance. 

6. Legally Creating a Business Structure

After reviewing your modality's ethics and getting insurance, you will need to register your tradename with your city and develop your LLC with a tax filing pin number. You can do this with a CPA, layer, or even with some bankers. You will also need to learn how to efficiently keep records to fie with the IRS. I like using Quickbooks. You can also hire CPA's and accountants for affordable prices at www.Fiverr.com. It's not as difficult as it may seem. 

7. Marketing

After completing the aforementioned steps, you may be good to go with opening up shop! Congrats! Now how do you attract your ideal clients? O yes, the often dreaded word, marketing. Yet, I like to re-frame marketing as a way to educate people on their options. Being interactive or developing relationships and listening to people's needs is a great way to go about this... Then of course there is social media, website creation, etc. Perhaps pick one social media avenue at a time--one that you like most--and be on it daily for at least 30 minutes. My favorite and easy to read book on marketing is: 

You can also hire social media experts on www.fiverr.com to help you boost traffic (or really for anything you may need help with for your business). This will create avenues to grow your practice and help more people. 

8. Combating Burnout

While burnout may not be happening yet, it's a real thing. Also starting and growing a business takes a lot of work and patience. I've heard on average it takes at least three years or longer to make a business that can be sustaining. Perhaps think about ways you can proactively work on self-care and set up time with others within your field to support you. Right now, you can write down some ideas for combating burnout and supporting you in your dreams. You can also check out this healer's membership.   

9. Acquiring Passive Income

In addition to combating burnout, an other possible step to help you take off some of the pressure from your business is to learn how to acquire more passive income. Let's face it, unless we learn how to make passive income, you may only make money when you are doing sessions. That can be a recipe for burnout. Now that you have honed in your art, how can you give more back, reach more people, and work smarter? There are surprisingly lots of ways to make more passive or residual income. You only need to be creative. You can learn more about this by reading HERE.  

1o. Managing Wealth & Investing

The last main step of growing your practice is to manage your wealth. Yep, it's great to visualize yourself as abundant from the get-go. However, how can you be financially literate? Educate yourself about budgeting, loan consolidation, stocks and mutual funds, and how to set yourselves up for retirement. Talk with bankers, wealth managers, and read books. It's never too early to educate yourself about money management. This step is about creating a safety net for you and your family. 

Bonus, Little Known, BEST Step: Educating Yourself on Business

If you are serious about starting and growing your practice, you will need to receive education. Unfortunately this education wasn't in many of your modality's training's.

Moreover, sadly I've met many healers who float around and don't make money right away, and then through in the towel before actually getting started! They are paralyzed by fear and the unknown. They lack faith in themselves and don't set themselves up for success by receiving the proper education on how to start and grow a business.

BUT, it doesn't have to be you!

That is why I have teamed up with Doctor Shayn Smith to develop Living Your Medicine Path, an online membership with:

  • over 300 hours of fun, educational videos and courses,

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  • support,

  • and a community of like minded healers who have the same goal as you.

Living Your Medicine Path

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In this membership we cover--in great depth--all of the aforementioned steps and way more. To succeed you need to believe in yourself and your medicine, and education is the way. 

Don't rob yourself and the many would be clients of your healing by prolonging and maybe thus never actually launching your practice. Get the proper training now. Now is the time. 

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