What If Your Soul Drove Your Life?

I have a confession. After completing an intensive 40 day meditation plan, I realized my soul--which I believe is God individualized--wasn't completely driving my life. My soul had one foot in the driver's side and my ego was straddling the console grabbing and grasping at the wheel. You could imagine how difficult it could be to drive! There was a constant standstill...

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How to Get Discounted Oils and to Possibly Make Some Extra Cash

If you are like me, you love your oils for everything from holistic wellness to magic. Wouldn't it be nice to cover the costs of your oils and make some extra cash while they're at it? Why not?!  In this post you will learn how to help others, why to become a wholesale member (even if you don't want to distribute oils, and you don't have to be sale-sy), how to become a wholesale member to enjoy the many benefits and no hidden fees or requirements, how to earn extra cash with Young Living, bonuses that come with signing up with my oil team, and what other members are saying. Welcome to the oil team! 

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We All Have Professional Shortcomings

Many times- sometimes daily- my human wants to give up on my dream and calling of being a spiritual light. I think, "who am I?" and " I FXXXed that up yet again." I'll never forget when I was only a couple of months into starting my spiritually based practice when I sent out my first-ever group email advertising an event. Sadly, there was a processing error. O the things I didn't know and still don't know!

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What to Do During a Crisis of Faith

Recently a friend and I shared our crisis of faith stories. Both of us do rigorous, self help work, magick, and energy work on ourselves and our lives. We believe, believe, and believe...

But what many metaphysical practitioners don't tell you, is what to do when you have a crisis of faith. What if you are doing your affirmations, processing, doing rituals, reading cards, connecting with your Higher Self and loving spirit guides, and putting all of this hard work in, but still not seeing the results?

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How to Endure the Things We Can Not Change and Find Lasting Peace

Shit happens. Yes, I a self proclaimed new age and positive bandwagon person said it, and it's worth saying again--SHIT happens. 

The world is full of crazy, irrational, unstable, and challenging chaos. Let's get real. Even us powerful beings can't wish it away (at least not yet:) ). We live in a realm of good, bad, light, dark, and every shade in between. How ever can we find our footing? Or stability? 

Buddhism tells us to take the middle path or look at the gray. Positive psychology and metaphysics advise re-framing to a positive paradigm. And, most recently, I've been working with Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for some of my clients, and DBT encourages us to have radical acceptance. 

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Dear Universe,

I wanted to say hello...I figured we don't say "hello" enough...why not?

Why hello beautiful, precious being of mine! I've been waiting for you.

O yeah? Why is that?

Because you and I are one in the same. You are me and I am you. You were birthed from me, and I've been oh so missing you.

You have been missing lonely, old me? Really?

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