Monthly Distance Energy Blessings


You are loved...

For twelve months, receive monthly high vibration energy offerings (Reiki) anywhere. One day of the month I will pray for you and offer up universal healing energy or Reiki for what's in your best and highest good--for balancing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It may also bless your situations, relationships, and you in general. This non-denominational blessing, is an affordable and convenient way to receive grace and Light filled love "bubbles" (the year investment breaks down to only $3 per blessing a month). You can live anywhere, as energy and blessings know no boundaries.  

If you are looking for a healing experience that is beyond what you may expect from a skilled and modern shawoman, you should treat yourself to some energy work with Kari. My guess is that you’ll want to do more than one!
— Alexandria Johnson, Arvada, Colorado
I can’t explain it, but I felt more peaceful and energized.
— Tim Smith, Boulder, Colorado

Get your monthly energy blessing now!

While energy blessings are subtle, and you may or may not directly feel it, it does work. Know you are being prayed for and being sent good thoughts and vibrations from a Reiki master each month. While you will stay on my blessing list for 12 months after your investment, if for any reason you aren't satisfied, you can request your money back at any time.