Kari Halvorson

to help you spiritually awaken & thrive


Hello soul sister!

I’m so delighted you’re here. This is the home of female, non-denominational spiritual and self-growth seekers, seers, empaths, intuitives and energy workers. I’m all about helping you trust your Source-given gifts to live the life you’re destined to live; while, feeling supported, nurtured and seen. We additionally have fun along the way!

I’ve walked with hundreds, if not thousands, of awakening women from all over the world to validate their personal path and to empower them to access and activate their hyper-dimensional connection with Source and their spiritual team~also known as heavenly angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. This provides avenues for clarity and a higher perspective on situations, and to call on supernatural blessings for transformation and healing. Most importantly, however, I help them listen to their inner knowing.

And, I’m here to support you too!

No matter weather you’re a full blown psychic or toying with the idea of adding a few energy techniques, living by some grounded principles to assist you in a more peaceful and meaningful life or to get unstuck from a personal issue—I’ve got you covered.

I have so many resources to help you discover your own, spiritual awakening path and to help you personally progress the way you want to.

Welcome! I’m excited to get to know you better. Want to get to know me better? You can find out more about me and the many awakening technologies, resources and support I offer HERE.

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Monthly Intuitive Reading Videos

where I share the collective energies and spiritual messages for the month ahead. Each month I publish a psychic reading forecasting what you may be able to expect for that month. I also share helpful tips, spiritual practices, prayers and energy healing. My #1 goal is to inspire & empower you.


Weekly Inspirational Blogs

on tips & ideas for evolving your consciousness. Each week I publish a new post or two, sharing tips and advice for wildly soaring. Gain a higher spiritual perspective.


Personal Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Do you want a more one on one approach? For a limited time, I’m still offering private, intuitive readings and/or coaching.


How to Spiritually Awaken & Thrive // The Book

This book will guide you step-by-step through an illuminating process of accessing and activating your divine awareness and connection with Unity.


Spiritual Workshops

If you’re looking for in-depth help and support then come join my webinars. You’ll get access to trainings, downloadable handouts, connect with other members, and so much more!

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Discover how I’ve helped awakening souls like you activate their spiritual awareness and wildly gifted potentials…

She exhibits an uncanny ability to tune in to the source of an issue and then transform it leaving the energy field refreshed and revitalized. She is a finely attuned intuitive who gives extremely accurate insights based on her and your higher wisdom and from oracle cards.
— Shayn Smith, Ph.D., Energy Healing Practitioner
Kari Halvorson is talented at being able to assist others in their quest to be their best selves. Her care and desire to help others is heartfelt, and she meets this challenge with wisdom, commitment and enthusiasm.
Working with Kari is a powerful and empowering experience on many levels. She applies a constructive and intuitive approach to counseling while healing physical and energetic blockages–both subtle and persistent.
— Juliana McCarthy, Astrologist, Author and Reiki Master
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Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT, REV, TFT-ALGO, LPCC

Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT, REV, TFT-ALGO, LPCC

Hello soul sis!

In order to help incredibly, spiritually gifted women like yourself, I dedicated my life to the holistic and spiritual arts.

I’m a:

  • psychotherapist,

  • Reiki master,

  • ordained minister,

  • certified Thought Field Therapy practitioner,

  • certified angel intuitive,

  • oracle & tarot card reader,

  • essential oil & crystal lover,

  • and an intuitive and empath

who after several spontaneous awakening episodes and a near death experience—now sees through the vials and senses energy systems and spirit guides. With these ever growing Spirit-given awakening gifts, I’ve been guided to walk along you during your natural and spontaneous awakening as well.

We’re in this together!